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For more information about summer camps being held at the Lake House click here.
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Dear Resident:
Cinco Southwest Municipal Utility District Nos. 2,3, and 4 have adopted a policy and procedures in which the Districts will consider permitting a water credit due to rupture or other damage causing a leak in a resident’s waterline during Winter Storm Uri. This credit is only for damages caused by the event causing excessive water usage and is not a credit for normal usage and/or preventative measures such as dripping faucets.
In order to be considered for a leak adjustment, residents must submit the request in writing and provide details and documentation on the repairs.  Some of the acceptable documentation includes pictures, a plumber’s bill or a receipt for parts and a statement of self-repair.
You can find the form for each District attached for your convenience.  
For questions, you may contact Inframark, at 281-579-4500 or email your documentation to elizabeth.reeves@inframark.com
Leak adjustment request and all related documentation must be received by May 1, 2021. 
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Many associations, whether gated or not, post “No Solicitation” signs at the entrance(s) or throughout the community and Cinco Ranch II is no exception.
Typically, solicitation is considered door-to-door selling, which is different from someone leaving advertising material on the door. Hand delivery of advertisements is cheaper than mailing, but it is still a common form of junk mail. Basically, anyone who wants to sell something can use this tactic. There’s not really much the homeowner or HOA can do, except to post signage and call to report frequent or repeat offenders.
If you do not want the free newspaper the Houston Chronicle delivers to the area, then you will need to contact HCN, Delivery Service deliveryservice@hcnonline.com or call
888-670-1483 to be removed from their distribution list.
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The Reserve at Spring Lake Fence Replacement Project will start on Monday, March 8th. Fencing will be removed and new sections will be installed. Temporary fencing will be installed if a section of fence cannot be completed at that time. This project is expected to take up to 25 working days barring weather. Sidewalks may be temporarily obstructed. Please use caution in this area during the project timeline.  
Should you have questions or concerns please contact Customercare.at 713-981-9000 or customercare@ciaservices.com
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Left Out In The Cold
Just when you thought things could not get worse than 2020, 2021 said hold on!!!!
This cold snap brought low temperatures down into the lower teens.. The concern is that many plants were starting to come out of dormancy when the freeze occurred, which could increase injury.
As the weather warms and the sun comes out, the urge to “clean it all up” occurs– but hold tight! What should a homeowner do with their landscape plants after the freeze? Have patience and wait. There is really nothing that can be done to repair injured plants after a hard, prolonged freeze. The best thing to do is to wait until (mid March) to accurately assess the damage. For some plants, the aboveground portions may be dead, but the plants may still come up from the roots. Other plants may bud out again from partially damaged stems. Many cold-sensitive plants will likely need to be replaced, so this year is a good time to replace plants with more cold-hardy species (such plants may be scare at this time).
Assessing damage
After a freeze or frost, the leaves of damaged herbaceous plants may immediately appear withered and water soaked. However, the freeze injury to the twigs, branches, or trunks often doesn’t appear on shrubs and trees right away. Wait a few days and then use a knife or thumbnail to scrape back the outer bark on young branches. Freeze-damaged areas will be brown beneath the bark; healthy tissues will be green or a healthy creamy color. Delay pruning until time reveals the areas that are living and dead and until the threat of additional frosts or freezes has passed. Leaving dead limbs and foliage at the tops of plants will help protect the lower leaves and branches from nighttime radiation loss. Pruning after a freeze does not improve the outcome. Also, plants that are pruned tend to be invigorated more quickly, which may set them up for further damage in Texas’s unpredictable cycling of warm and cold temperatures.
Other Things You Should Do
Contact your insurance company to see if your homeowner’s insurance covers freeze damage to plants and irrigation. Before making any major landscaping changes, check with the Association first to make sure that any changes are approved.
Your irrigation system should also be inspected by a Licensed Irrigator, especially the aboveground vacuum breaker, to ensure that it was not damaged during the freeze. This is not a problem you want to discover after you plant new plants.
When hiring contractors, make sure that they have the appropriate liability and worker’s compensation insurance.
And lastly, relax! This too, shall pass. As in prior freezes, we will get through this and perhaps have a better landscape as a result. More importantly, we will be better prepared for freezes that will inevitably come in the future.
Additional helpful resources:
Special thanks to Dr. W. Todd Watson, PhD, BCMA ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist #TX-0974B Consulting Arborist, Horticulturist, and Plant Pathologist Adjunct Professor, Texas A&M University for article content and resource links noted herein.
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Commissioner Andy Meyers has stated that if residents with storm related debris reach out by email to andy.meyers@fortbendcountytx.gov the information will be provided to FBC Roads and Bridges to be picked up. He stated that the time frame from the resident request to the garbage pick up would be 7 days.
Information needed:
Resident contact
Description of trash
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We hope you are all recovering from the winter storm. Due to winter storm Uri, power was lost to the card key data base. This has caused some issues with residents being unable to enter Association amenities. We are asking residents that encounter access issues to email the HOA Assistant with your name, address, card key number, and phone number.
C.I.A. Services Inc.
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2/21/2021 Due to damaged sustained from Winter Storm Uri, the Ashfield Gardens clubhouse and fitness center will be closed until further notice.
2/23/2021 Restrooms at the tennis courts and Pine Hills Park will be closed until further notice.
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Winter Weather Alert
With the Arctic Blast affecting the Cinco Ranch II community over the next few days, we wanted to let you know the weatherization plans for the area. The following facilities and features will either be closed, turned on or turned off depending on their severe weather plan.  
  • Pool water slides and features will be on
  • The water feature at lake on Hannah Meadows will be off
  • Other lake fountains will be on
  • Pine Hills Park restroom will be closed with no amenity card access
  • Ashfield Gardens facility gym will be closed with no amenity card access 
  • Restrooms at tennis courts will be closed with no amenity card access 
 Once the severe weather has passed and it has been determined safe, all facilities and features will resume normal operations.
C.I.A. Services, Inc
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When faced with a high-stress situation, one that even feels threatening, it can feel like we don’t have control over our response. Research has shown that our bodies can instinctively go into a “fight-or-flight” reaction. As a leader, the more effectively you can self-regulate these reactions the better you can lead and help others. Recent research in the field of neuroscience offers insights into this process of self-regulation and how you can move from the fight-or-flight response to a higher state of openness that invites collaboration, creativity, and thriving.
Step 1– Understanding: The first step is knowing the biology behind these reactions and accepting that being at level one, two, or three is normal. Knowing where you are on the hierarchy gives you choice and the power to shift.
Step 2– Awareness: When you feel challenged, notice the physical and emotional cues that signal you’re experiencing anxiety. Do you feel a knot in your stomach? Or your heart racing? See these as signs of where you are in your reaction: likely level two.
Step 3 – Recall: Bring to mind previous experiences where you’ve successfully moved through uncertainty in the past. You might even write down what you did to navigate a difficult situation and use your own success to give yourself hope that you can get through this one too.
Step 4 – Intention: With hope in mind, let go of the need to serve your ego by clarifying your highest purpose. Focusing on your intention will release oxytocin and help you shift to level three.
Step 5 – Trust the process: When you’re at level three, it’s much easier to explore and develop ideas with the other person. The interaction is an emergent learning process — it will be challenging, but as long as you stay connected and don’t move back to level one or two, you can get through it together. In fact, you can become skilled at making others safe and keep inviting them back into mutually beneficial conversations.
To read the entire article from Harvard Business Review please click here.
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