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Posted on February 23, 2021 5:25 PM by Admin
We hope you are all recovering from the winter storm. Due to winter storm Uri, power was lost to the card key data base. This has caused some issues with residents being unable to enter Association amenities. We are asking residents that encounter access issues to email the HOA Assistant with your name, address, card key number, and phone number.
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Posted on February 23, 2021 9:26 AM by Admin
2/21/2021 Due to damaged sustained from Winter Storm Uri, the Ashfield Gardens clubhouse and fitness center will be closed until further notice.
2/23/2021 Restrooms at the tennis courts and Pine Hills Park will be closed until further notice.
Posted on February 12, 2021 6:36 PM by Admin
Winter Weather Alert
With the Arctic Blast affecting the Cinco Ranch II community over the next few days, we wanted to let you know the weatherization plans for the area. The following facilities and features will either be closed, turned on or turned off depending on their severe weather plan.  
  • Pool water slides and features will be on
  • The water feature at lake on Hannah Meadows will be off
  • Other lake fountains will be on
  • Pine Hills Park restroom will be closed with no amenity card access
  • Ashfield Gardens facility gym will be closed with no amenity card access 
  • Restrooms at tennis courts will be closed with no amenity card access 
 Once the severe weather has passed and it has been determined safe, all facilities and features will resume normal operations.
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Posted on March 10, 2018 4:32 PM by Admin
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The weather is beautiful, the birds are signing, and the outdoors are calling your name!  It really is looking like the perfect day to go to the park, or play tennis.  But, don’t forget your card key when you leave your house!

In Cinco Ranch, community card keys are required to access many of the amenities.  Those amenities include, but are not limited to, tennis courts, restrooms at the tennis courts, splash pads, pools, The Lake House, and park bathrooms.  Without your card key, you will not have access to these amenities! 

The systems that we upgraded in 2017 were original to our community.  Though we wish they could be utilized forever, it unfortunately had come to the end of its lifespan.  As many of you may remember, in April of 2017, Cinco Ranch II upgrade our electronic access device system (the system that “reads” our community card keys) due to this fact.  Everyone was asked to exchange their “old” card key, as the old card keys were no longer compatible with our new systems.

If you didn't get a chance to trade in your “old” card key, don’t worry!  You can stop by the Lake House any time during Lake House business hours to exchange your old card key for a new card key. 

Are you a new resident?  Guess what?  You get your first card key for free!  All other card keys, including additional or replacements, are $25. 

Each household may possess up to 4 total card keys.  If you have a large family, it would be a good idea to purchase additional card keys, as each card key will allow entrance to 4 residents at the amenities.  If you have teenagers that go to the pools on their own, it would also be wise to purchase additional card keys.

Do you live in a gated area?  Did you know that your card key will also allow you access at the gates?  You probably already registered your ezTag for gate access, but it’s good to know your card key can act as your backup at your gate, especially if you’re driving a temporary vehicle, or you’re with a friend a family member.  But don’t worry, not everyone’s card keys work at your gate!  Only residents who live in that gated area have access with their card keys. 

Do you want to go to a pool in Cinco Ranch I?  No problem!  Your card key WILL work!  Thanks to the Shared Use Agreement, your card keys will also grant you access to the amenities in Cinco Ranch I, just as Cinco Ranch I residents can access our amenities with their card keys.


If your card key is suddenly not working, don’t panic, we can help you!  You can call (281-394-7195 ext. 1) or email (LakeHouse@mycincoranch.com) us at the Lake House, and we will troubleshoot your problem.