Westridge Creek pool and splash pad Lake House pool
Rosewood Pool Rollingwood Pool
Card Keys (amenity access):
PLEASE NOTE: Each card key allows up to 4 people entrance at the amenities (pools, tennis courts, splash pad), in Cinco Ranch II.  If more than 4 people are attending, additional card keys will be needed.  Each household in Cinco Ranch II may possess up to 4 card keys total. 
Cinco Ranch II Common Area Rules and Guidelines
Cinco Ranch II
The Splash Pad at Westridge Creek will be closed until further notice.
The pool schedule is subject to change based on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cinco Ranch I
Please note: Cinco Ranch I pools are managed by the Cinco Associations and are not managed by CRRA2, Sweetwater Pools, or C.I.A. Services.  Please check the Cinco Ranch I website for current/up-to-date operating hours for pools in Cinco Ranch I, or call Cinco Ranch I at 281-599-0408

Cinco Ranch II Pools        Cinco Ranch I Pools  
Lake House Pool 25202 Springwood Lake Dr.             Beach Club 3131 S. Lake Village Dr
Rollingwood 28421 Rolling Ridge Dr.   North Lake Village 23910 Northmoor Dr.
Rosewood 26418 Cinco Terrace Dr.   Equestrian Village 3022 Silverbait Trail Ln.
Westridge Creek 27527 Westridge Creek Ln.   Water Park 24126 Hamptonshire Ln
      South Ranch 5125 S Fry Rd
      Highland Park 4909 Gaston Rd.
      Greenway Village 2023 Greenway Village Dr.
For pool party reservations or swim lessons, please call:
Cinco Ranch II
Sweetwater Pools 281-988-8480
Cinco Ranch II- Pool parties and swim lessons are offered outside of regular pool hours. 
Cinco Ranch I
A-Beautiful Pools 281-376-6510
Cinco Ranch I- Pool parties are offered at any time.  Swim lessons are offered only during regular pool hours.

If you did not upgrade your card key in 2017, please visit this page for more information.  Your "old" card keys will no longer work.