The following is information pertaining to the community of Cinco Ranch II.
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If you are a resident of Cinco Ranch I, please visit your association's website at cincoranch.life

  • chevron_rightWhat do my assessments go towards?
    1.      Is there a detailed breakdown available?  A detailed Operating Budget is available on www.mycincoranch.com.
    2.      What is the community council contribution?  The Community Council plans and manages the various events and programs provided to the residents and is a partner association to the Residential Association.  The Council has limited income resources and is therefore supplemented by the Residential Association.   Some of the programs provided by the Community Council include classes at the Lake House, educational camps at the Lake House during school breaks, Food Truck Fridays, Bingo Nights, Movie Nights, Annual Spring Eggstravaganza, Annual Zombie Walk, Annual Family Fest, and much more.
    3.      Why is grounds maintenance so expensive? The current grounds maintenance contracts cover over 20 million square feet of land that is maintained on a weekly basis for the majority of the year.  There is an irrigation system throughout most of that property.  Although the expense to maintain the Association’s grounds is large, it is necessary in order to maintain the desired expectations of the community.
    4.      Is there a way to reduce grounds maintenance costs?  The Board of Directors along with various committees are always looking for ways to reduce costs.  Relative to the grounds maintenance, the Beautification Committee is working with the Board to identify locations where beds can be reduced which would decrease overall costs.  Other options being discussed is the reduction of mulch, using ground cover in some areas, and working with the county for tree replacements.  Long term strategic plans are being developed for all cost items.
    5.      When was the last time the grounds maintenance contract was bid and how long as the current contractor held the contract?  The grounds maintenance was bid out in 2018.  Texas Landscape Group has held the contract since 2017.
    6.      Explain water costs over last few years.  Due to the unpredictable fluctuations in water costs related to weather, the Association established a reserve account in 2016 to cover water expenses in excess of the budget.   In 2015 & 2016, the water costs were less than anticipated after unusually wet years.  The unused funds from those budget years were set aside to create the fund.  The numbers shown on the budget reflect the water costs minus what was contributed from the “Irrigation Water Reserve Fund” in 2017 and 2018.    Actual water costs for last 2 years are shown below.
    a.       2017 = $819,347
    b.      2018 = = $842,293.40
    c.       2019 = $875,000 (projected)
    7.      Explain management services expenses.  The Management Services Expenses are tied to the day to day operations provided by the Cinco Ranch 2 HOA Management Company, C.I.A. Services.  Some of the services provided include deed restriction enforcement, financial management, assessment collection, coordination of meetings, working with contractors and outside governmental agencies like Fort bend County and the TX DOT.  The management fee is based on the number of homes.  As the community grows, the cost to manage the Association will increase with it.
    8.      What is postage and office expenses?  Postage is the cost to mail and deliver via other methods correspondence related to accounts receivable, accounts payable, deed restric­tion enforcement and general topics to residents, and associated parties.  Office expenses include statements, copying/scanning costs, certified notices, stationary, etc.
    9.      What is the fee for other master-planned communities in the surrounding area?  Assessment rates obtained from the following communities are listed below.  These communities have similar dynamics to Cinco Ranch 2.
    Cinco Ranch II – $1,150
    Cross Creek Ranch – $1,300
    Aliana – $1,137
    Grand Lakes – $1,150
    Seven Meadows – $1,200
    10.  Does the Association use an energy broker?  Yes, the Association uses Kilowatt Partners as a means to obtain the lowest rates.
    11.  What rate is the Association paying for electricity? The Association entered into a contract in 2018 through 3/31/2023 with Reliant. The current rate is $0.03777 per kWh.
    12.  What efforts are being made to replace streetlights and common area lighting with LED’s and/or motion-activated lighting? The common area lighting is being replaced as they go out with LED lighting.  There is not a plan currently in place to convert street lighting to LED; there is a substantial cost to do this.
    13.  Are you taking advantage of utility rebates? We are not aware of any utility rebates as we do not use solar nor wind energy.  However, the MUD has installed a reclaim water system that we’re in the process of conversion for irrigation on major thorough fares. When fully utilized there is a projection of 30 percent expenses for usage in those areas.
    14.  Why is there a $1M increase in revenue in 2021?  The 2021 numbers provided are a forecast based on the limited information available in 2019.  The increase in revenue reflected on the 2021 forecast is based on the anticipation that the Association will receive revenue resulting from the Texas Department of Transportation land acquisition for Association physical property to be condemned for the widening and renovation of FM 1463. 
    15.  What is pool operations? The Association owns and operates four community pools.  Each pool is a guarded facility that is open six days per week during the summer with the season running from April to October.  With the greater Cinco Ranch community of over 16,000 homes, our pools do have a large number of visitors and therefore require a large guard staff, which impacts the cost. 
    16.  What are the patrol services?  The Association participates in a joint effort with the MUDs of Cinco Ranch to provide additional patrol.  The additional patrol currently provides 3 Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department deputies that are specifically assigned to patrol in Cinco Ranch.  The fee for this service is set by the County Commissioner’s Court. 
    The majority of the annual assessments provides for the following three areas:

    a) Landscaping – this item is the largest expense for Cinco Ranch II representing about 58% of your assessment dollars.
    b) Utilities – includes electricity, water, streetlights, telephone and internet at common areas and facilities.
    c) Community Amenities – includes operations and maintenance of all of the recreation facilities, such as the Lake House, pools, tennis courts, and parks, as well as maintenance to the fences, monuments, and access system.
    Another important aspect of the budget process is ensuring that the Association maintains a healthy financial position. This is accomplished by ensuring that the Association has enough money set aside in various funds that are setup for specific purposes. The Association maintains three funds that cover all of our financial needs: the Operating Fund, the Replacement Fund and the Capital Fund.
    1.  The Operating Fund covers the expenses for the current year as well as an additional 15%, which is necessary to protect the association from unanticipated fluctuations in revenue and expenses. Examples include the economy causing the anticipated revenue to greatly decline or an unexpected expense, such as increased water expenses due to a drought.
    2.  The Replacement Fund is a savings plan for the replacement of existing community assets that will eventually need to be replaced. As an example, the swimming pool surfaces will need to be replaced periodically. The Replacement Fund covers the cost of those types of projects. Periodically, the Association has a professional reserve study performed which is an analysis of all of the assets, their useful life and their replacement costs.
    3.  The Capital Fund is a savings plan for the addition of new assets to the community. A recent example of a capital project is landscape upgrades in many cul-de-sacs throughout the community.
  • chevron_rightWhen are my assessments due?
    Assessments are due January 1.
  • chevron_rightWhat do I need to do if I need to establish a payment plan?
    The Association has approved two options for paying your annual assessments. You may pay the assessment in full by the January 1st due date or you may make installment payments with the coupons provided in your assessments statement. The coupons do not include past due balances on your account, if any. Please mail your payment for receipt by the due dates listed on these coupons, or visit the Lake House.
    If you are unable to pay the full balance by the due date, please contact our management company’s office to set up a payment plan or your account will become delinquent. Interest will continue to accrue but the collection steps will be suspended once the payment plan is accepted and payments are made in accordance with your approved payment plan.
  • chevron_rightWhat happens if I pay my assessments late?
    Finance charges are applied on the last day of each month. On February 1st, a $40.00 late fee is applied to all unpaid accounts. If your account remains delinquent, a late fee of $60.00 will be applied on March 1st. Delinquent accounts are subject to deactivation of electronic access devices. In April, an attorney will file a Notice of Lien Affidavit and a fee will be placed on delinquent accounts. In May, the Board will consider sending accounts to the Association's attorney to begin legal collections efforts. All costs incurred, including legal fees, will be charged back to the account.
Card Keys
  • chevron_rightWhat is my community Card Key for? Where will I use it?
    Your community card key will grant you entrance into the Cinco Ranch facilities, including the pools, tennis courts, and any Cinco Ranch parks and/or bathrooms requiring a card key.
  • chevron_rightWhere do I obtain a Card Key?
    Cinco Ranch II residents will need to visit the Lake House to obtain their card key. 
    Cinco Ranch I residents will need to visit their association office - the Lake House will NOT issue card keys to Cinco I residents. 
  • chevron_rightWhat do I need to provide to get my Card Key?
    Please provide something with your name, and your Cinco Ranch II address on it. If you have not changed your Driver's License yet, you can use an electrical bill, water bill, etc. If you just recently closed on your home (within the last month), please bring a copy of your settlement (HUD) statement.  If you are renting your home, please bring a copy of your lease. 
  • chevron_rightHow much are Card Keys?
    Each Cinco Ranch II household will receive one free card key. Each additional or replacement card key is $25, and there is a maximum of 4 card keys per household.
    Please note: The Lake House only accepts checks (made out to CRRA2), money orders, or credit/debit cards, if purchasing additional or replacement card keys. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I use my Card Key? What if it isn't working?
    To use your card key, place the card on or near (within 2-3 inches, at least) the black plate (card reader).  The new card key readers are "proximity readers," and will work when your card key is "near" the reader. If your card key is not working, you may need to hold your card key closer to the reader plate (directly on the reader), or try moving it around on the reader.  The light on the reader will be red.  Once it has "read" your card key, it will turn green, and you will be able to open the gate or door you are accessing.  If the plate turns blue, it can mean several things, but it usually means, it did not recognize your card. 

    If your card key is still not working, please contact the Lake House at 281-394-7195 ext. 1, or stop by during our office hours of Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9 AM - 6 PM (closed 1-2 PM for lunch).
    Card keys are magnetized, so the card can easily become demagnetized if left near other magnets and some batteries. This means your cell phone battery, any magnets on your purse closure, wallet closures, key chains, etc. could ruin your key card. Also, if your vehicle has a remote start and you keep your key card on your key chain next to the remote, then your key card could be demagnetized. This can happen instantaneously (no matter how old the key is) when you place your key near any of these magnets.

    When you receive your card key from the Lake House it is brand new and will be functioning properly.  Once you leave the Lake House with your card key, it becomes your responsibility. This means that if it is not working, please come back to the Lake House so we can assess the problem. If you end up needing a new card key, you will have to pay the $25 replacement fee, no matter how long you have had your initial card key.
    If you are a Cinco I resident, please visit your association office to obtain a card key or to troubleshoot your card key.
  • chevron_rightI'm a Cinco I resident, and my card keys don't work at Cinco II - what do I do?
    If you are a Cinco I resident, and you are in need of a new card key, or your card key does not work, please visit your association office to obtain a new card key, or troubleshoot your your current card key - the "old" touch keys no longer work at any of the amenities in Cinco Ranch II.  The Lake House will NOT issue or troubleshoot cards for Cinco I
    If you are unsure if you are a Cinco I resident, please call your association office at 281-599-0408
    If you are a Cinco II resident, please call the Lake House at 281-394-7195
  • chevron_rightWhen can I exchange my old Card Key?
    In April of 2017, Cinco Ranch II upgraded our electronic access systems.  The "old" card keys will no longer work at any Cinco Ranch II facility.  You will need to exchange your old card key for a new one.  More information can be found at this page.  If you already exchanged your "old" card key, you are all set. 
    Cinco Ranch I residents will need to visit their association office if they are in need of new card keys, or are having issues with their current card keys.
Commercial Association
  • chevron_rightMosquito Fogging Information
    Every year from April through October, the Cinco Ranch Residential II community is sprayed for mosquitos through a contracted service provider. Each mosquito control vehicle that drives the streets of the community is equipped with a fog generator that emits an insecticide that kills mosquitos in the immediate area.  The insecticide dissipates quickly and is non-residual so mosquitos may return within days.  Therefore, a regular treatment is needed to effectively reduce the mosquito population in Cinco Ranch II. This is done on a weekly basis unless it is determined by the board that additional treatments are necessary. 
    Fot Bend County information: The Road & Bridge Department is welcoming a new service to the Fort Bend County website. You can now track the location and logs of the fleet of vehicles responsible for mosquito control utilizing the ULV spraying method. This will allow the public a method of determining when their street or subdivision was last sprayed.
    Follow the instructions below to view the information.
    Username: FbC84Pw
    Password: FbC84Pw06
    Company: FBCRB
    FBCRB does NOT spray for nuisance mosquitoes unless:
    1) a cataclysmic weather event such as a hurricane which drops many. many inches of rain in a very short time (and then we usually spray along the river areas), or 2) our mosquito trapping efforts throughout the county shows a marked increase in mosquito populations in one area.
    One of the main reasons we don't spray is that mosquitoes can become immune to the spray in a very short time. One product the residents can purchase to help themselves are BTI "dunks", which is a larvacide that can placed in any standing water around their homes. These "dunks" seem to work well, and can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, etc.
    Be advised that Crane Flies (Mosquito Hawks) which can resemble a large mosquito are also in the area. These are an adversary of the mosquitoes and are quite conducive to have around to help get rid of any mosquitoes.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the neighborhood speed limits?
    The Texas Transportation Code sets the default speed limit on residential streets at 30 mph, the County does not post speed limits below 30 mph outside of school zones.
    Fort Bend County Engineering Office - Traffic
  • chevron_rightIs Cinco Ranch II and Cinco SW the same thing? What about Cinco NW?
    Cinco Ranch II is comprised of Cinco Southwest (SW) and Cinco Northwest (NW).
  • chevron_rightHow often do the community landscapers tend to the common areas?
    The HOA manages the common areas of your neighborhood, and has contracted a landscaping company to insure that common property is maintained.  If you have questions/concerns about landscaping, please send an email to customercare@ciaservices.com
    During the spring and summer, our landscape contractors are out in the community every week (tending to different areas daily).  During the fall and winter, our landscape contractors are out in the community less often, as many plant materials are dormant for the season. 
  • chevron_rightCan we have a garage sale in this community?
    You are allowed one private garage sale per calendar year in Cinco II. No signs are allowed for advertising the garage sale.

    We also hold 2 community garage sales during the year. Please see the community calendar on this website for dates and the Garage Sale page, or contact the Community Coordinator.
  • chevron_rightDo we have a newsletter?
    Yes!  Every month our community newsletter, My Cinco Ranch, is mailed to all homes and property owners (so, if you have renters at your property, both of you should receive a copy).  If your property is a new build, it may take a month or 2 before you begin receiving the newsletter - but, don't worry!  You can find a copy of our newsletter every month under our Community Documents.
  • chevron_rightCan I write an article for the newsletter?
    Yes!  Click here to view the guidelines for guest writers of My Cinco Ranch. 
Community Utilities
  • chevron_rightHow do I start a natural gas service?
    Your natural gas provider is Centerpoint Energy. Click here for additional information and to start your new service.
    To get started you will need:
    CenterPoint Energy account number (if existing customer)
    Move dates
    Payment method ready (for initial deposit if required)

    For homes with existing natural gas connections, please submit the start service form seven (7) days before your scheduled move-in date to initiate billing cycle and begin gas service. Start service requests are usually completed within three (3) business days.
  • chevron_rightWhen are trash pick-up days?
    Cinco SW Pick up days- Tuesdays (trash and recycle) and Fridays (trash and heavy pickup)

    Cinco NW Pick Up Days- Mondays (trash and heavy pick up) and Thursdays (trash and recycle)
    Trash is managed by:
    Best Trash
    281-313-(BEST) or 281-313-2378

    The trash services observe six holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. In the event that your collection falls on a holiday, collection will be postponed until the next scheduled collection day (NOT the next business day).
    Click here to download the Best Trash recycling guide.
    Click here to view more information about Heavy Trash/Bulky Item trash pickup.
    Best Trash recommends for residents that have curbside trash collection, for everything is placed on the curb near the street. Best Trash recommends that your trash be placed no less than 3 feet from the curb. Please ensure that there is at least 4 feet of space all around for the trash to be collected. Please do not block any trash with a vehicle or trailer. All trash needs to be out by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Trash or trash cans should not be placed on the sidewalk as that would create a potential hazard for pedestrians, bicyclists, or runners.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get water services at my home?
    Water service in the Cinco Ranch Southwest area is managed by Inframark (formerly named Severn Trent). To establish service, or address billing questions, contact Severn Trent at 281-579-4500. For maintenance issues call 281-398-8211.

    Water service in the Cinco Ranch Northwest area is managed by Municipal District Services. To establish service, or address billing questions, contact Municipal District Services at 281-290-6507. For maintenance issues call 281-290-6503.
    If you're unsure as to which MUD you reside in, this interactive map from Ft. Bend County can help you determine your water district. 
  • chevron_rightThere's a street light out - what do I do?
    Our streetlights are managed by Center Point.  Click here for information about reporting a street light outage - you will need the poll number(s) of the non-functioning light.  This can be called in, or reported online. 
  • chevron_rightWhat is reclaimed water?

    FAQs on the Cinco Ranch Comprehensive Solution (Conservation + Reuse/Reclaimed)



    • Why not just continue to use the wells to supply water to Cinco Ranch?


    The Harris –Galveston County Subsidence District, as well as Fort Bend County, received a mandate from the Texas the Legislature to reduce subsidence moving away from groundwater to an alternative supply of water. By 2010 the amount must be reduced by 30%; by 2020 it by 70% and by 2030 by 80%. If not reduced, then the water provider must pay a disincentive fee which greatly raises the cost of groundwater.


    • Why not just use surface water?


    Because of the dramatic increase in population in Texas, despite the decades of construction of new reservoirs the ratio of Reservoir Storage Capacity to Population is the same in 2010 as it was in 1953. This growth, coupled with the drought, means that there simply may not be enough surface water. Building expensive reservoirs and pipelines to store and convey water that may not be there is why alternative sources must be found.


    • How much water can conservation save?


    If properly practiced, about 50% to 70% however according to a water conservation expert, the industry rarely gets close to those numbers. Throughout the nation the figure is about 15% to 20%.



    • What kind of reclaimed water will be used?


    The type of reclaimed water is called type 1 effluent which goes through the most stringent treatment process. After being treated in the plant, the water is filtered through a multi-media sand filter to remove any remaining suspended particles and then dosed with ultraviolet light (UV) to sterilize the bacteria and viruses. It is then sent to a two million gallon storage tank where it is low dosed with chlorine to keep the water fresh.





    • Where is the reclaimed water used?


    The water will be used for common area irrigation and to fill community amenity lakes.


    • Is this reclaimed water safe to drink?


    This is not potable or drinking water. While it meets many of the standards for potable water it does not meet all of them.


    • How does the public know that this is reclaimed water?


    All reclaimed water distribution lines and visible components like sprinkler heads are colored purple for identification and are completely separate from the drinking water system. Also, for public safety, all areas irrigated by this water are noted by signs. Irrigation with this water, for both safety and conservation purposes are done between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.


    • How much water is saved by this reuse program?


    According to Senior Project Manager for the engineering firm of Brown & Gay, Larry Mueller, about 445 million gallons of water per year can be reused and not have to use potable water.  That amount of potable water could supply over 2,800 average residential homes per year.


    • If the water was not reclaimed, what would happen to it?


    Presently it is sent into Buffalo Bayou rather than being reused.


    • What is the cost for this “reclaimed” water program?


    The estimated construction costs of the reclaimed system are broken down into Plant Facilities, (which is storage and pumping), distribution lines, and irrigation upgrades. The Plant Facility costs are $3,474,804. The distribution lines, which completed construction in 2016, cost $5,765,310.  The irrigation upgrades, completed in 2015, cost $1,089,604.  This cost does not include the last phase of meter transitioning.





    • Will pharmaceuticals be in the water?


    There is the possibility there are traces of very low concentrations of pharmaceuticals in the water that were taken and passed through from the residents of the community.  However, these concentrations are very low and meet all regulations set forth by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.


    • Are superbugs in the water?


    Suberbugs are bacteria present in hospitals.  These "bugs" are not in reuse water because of the additional treatment that is engineered into our facilities to meet the Type 1 standards.  The treatment eliminates their presence. 


    • What if my dog drinks water from an amenity lake?


    There should be no problem because of the standard of treatment to the water.


    • What if my dog swims in an amenity lake that has the reuse water?


    There should be no problem because of the standard of treatment to the water. 


    • Will eating fish caught from amenity lakes be dangerous to eat?


    There should be no problem because of the standard of treatment to the water.


    • When will the reclaimed water system be in operation


    The HOA and District are still working on the reclaimed water system.  We cannot say when the system will be in operation.  However, there will be an insert regarding the transition to the reclaimed system on the monthly water utility bills prior to transitioning.


    • I have not seen any signs yet.  When will they be posted?


    At the time of transition from potable water to reclaimed water on each meter, the reclaimed signs for that area will be posted.  Again, there will also be an insert regarding the transition to the reclaimed system on the monthly water utility bills.





    • You say the water does not meet potable water standards.  What if I am walking late at night and get sprayed in the face accidently?  What should I do?


    Type I reclaimed water is approved by the TCEQ for use in areas where the public may be present during the times when irrigation takes place or for other uses where the public may come in contact with the reclaimed water.  There would be no cause for concern.


    • If there are problems (e.g. system running during the day), who should be called?


    Cinco HOA and District strive not to irrigate ANY property during the day as they are very concerned about evapotranspiration losses and water management.  Therefore, if you ever see ANY irrigation running on common property during the day (and do not see landscape/irrigation maintenance staff working on the system for periodical checks for efficiency) please contact the HOA to let them know. 

Deed Restrictions
  • chevron_rightWhat are the most common Deed Restriction violations?
    Cinco Ranch II is governed by a Home Owners Association (HOA).  This means that there is a set of documents that lets residents know what they can and cannot do on their property.  Some of the most common mistakes that homeowners make are:
    • Forgetting to cut your grass on a regular basis
    • Not pulling weeds in your flower beds
    • Forgetting to put up your trash can at the end of a trash collection day, or putting your trash can out too early
    • Not putting in a Home Improvement application before you make a modification to the exterior of your home
    If in doubt, call your community management, CIA Services, at 713-981-9000 or via email at customercare@ciaservices.com or visit the Lake House during Lake House business hours. 
  • chevron_rightI recently received a deed restriction violation letter in the mail from the Home Owner's Association; what should I do?
    Please contact the Home Owner's Association at 713-981-9000 to let them know when you will be correcting the issue. If the issue has already been corrected, please notify them of the change.

    DO: Call the Association and let them know you are aware of the problem. It may be a simple fix, or something you can send in a Home Improvement Application for.

    DON'T: Ignore the situation, as this will lead to more letters and possible fines or other administrative actions.
  • chevron_rightI am refiancing my home and I need an HOA Statement. Who do I contact?
    To receive a copy of your current HOA statement you can contact the Community Assistant at 281-394-7195 ext. 1 or via email at Community Assistant Email. You may also reach out to C.I.A. Customer Care representatives at 713-981-9000 or via email at Customercare@ciaservices.com.
  • chevron_rightWhat do I do if I see vandalism or graffiti?
    There have been numerous instances of vandalism within the Association. This includes graffiti on many of the tunnels, trespassing in the pool facilities, using motorized vehicles in the green spaces and along walking trails, cutting down trees on common areas, and leaving fish remains hanging in trees.
    Residents are urged to refrain from these types of activities! Should you see or witness any type of vandalism in the community, please contact the Fort Bend Sheriff's Department at 281-341-4665 and also report your sightings to C.I.A. Services via one of the following: customercare@ciaservices.com, www.mycincoranch.com or call the office at 713-981-9000.
  • chevron_rightI am selling my home. Do I need a resale certificate? What about a Certificate of Insurance for the HOA Common Areas?
    The sale/refinance of a property requires a formal Maintenance Fee/Assessment quote. C.I.A. Services is partnering with CondoCerts to provide assessment quotes for the sale or refinance of a property, resale certificates, certificate of insurance for HOA common areas, and compliance inspection documents. All requests will be handled through CondoCerts. Requests will be submitted via their website at www.condocerts.com.  They may be contacted at 800‐310‐6552 for assistance if you or your lender needs assistance with their website.
    Why do you need a resale certificate?
    The governing documents for the Cinco Ranch Residential Association II require a Resale Certificate.  A Resale Certificate provides information related to the homeowners association such as financial and insurance information, as well as copies of the community documents.  It also provides information specific to the property being sold including any open violations of the governing documents and account balances.  In preparing a Resale Certificate, the management company also performs a Compliance Inspection of the full exterior of the property and will generate either a Certificate of Compliance or Non-Compliance.  As a seller, having the documents on hand in advance allows you to show any potential buyers that there are no known issues with the property or the community association.  As a buyer, obtaining these documents in advance provides confirmation that the property you are purchasing has no existing issues that will become your responsibility.
  • chevron_rightI just spotted an alligator near the lake. What do I do?!
    Keep at least 30 feet away from alligators at all times. If you get too close, back away slowly. Do not assume that alligators are slow and sluggish! They are extremely quick and agile, and will defend themselves when cornered.  They rarely chase people, but they can outrun or out swim the fastest person for the first 30 feet.
    Alligators often bask along the banks of ponds or streams. They are usually warming their bodies; they are not actively hunting. Often a basking alligator will have its mouth open. It is cooling itself, as alligators do not pant or sweat.
    For more information, visit:
    If you have spotted one of our resident alligators, Alfred, Bessie, or Charlie, we encourage you to take a photo, from a safe distance, and send it in to Lifestyle@mycincoranch.com
  • chevron_rightWhere can I get a key for my mail box?
    If you are in need of a key for your mail box, please visit the Post Office.  The nearest Post Office information can be found at the Community Links & Numbers page.
  • chevron_rightMy mail was opened! Who do I contact?
    For issues with the delivery of your mail such as late arrivals, tracking, attempted delivery or misdelivery you would need to contact the USPS Customer Service by phone at 1-800-275-8777 or email.  The Katy post office phone number is 281-829-5062.
    For issues that appear to be theft of items by USPS workers or contractors, employee misconduct, or destruction of mail by USPS workers or contractors; among other issues, you would need to contact the USPS Inspector General’s office. You may file an online complaint here at the Inspector General’s office.
    The USPS Inspector General’s office has a Hotline Helpful Links page here as well.  
  • chevron_rightI'm new to Texas - what do I need in my hurricane survival kit?!
    Welcome Texas!  Though we may not always have the best of weather, we sure do have the best of people in these parts!  Many of you may be asking, how did we fare during Hurricane Harvey in 2017?  Cinco Ranch 2 was one of the lucky communities that did not see catastrophic flooding.  However, we did see a lot wind, occasional power outages, and many businesses stayed closed during the duration of the storm.  Hurricane season is officially recognized as June 1 - October 31 (unofficially, May 1 - November 30).  We strongly recommend you gather your hurricane survival kit together at the beginning of the season, so that you are not rushing to get everything together right before the storm.  If your unsure as to what you may need, or how much, visit RedCross.org for a list of items to consider placing in your hurricane survival kit. 
Home Improvements
New Residents
  • chevron_rightI'm new to Cinco Ranch II. What do I need to do next?
    Welcome to the community!
    Once you're all settled in, you will need to obtain a Community card key. Card keys will grant you access to all community amenities. You can do this by visiting the Lake House, or mailing us a form
    Cinco Ranch Lake House
    25202 Springwood Lake Dr.
    Katy, TX 77494
    The Lake House is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9 AM - 6 PM (closed from 1-2 PM).  
    If you live in a gated community, you can also request gated access through the use of your ezTag.  This can also be done at the Lake House, or by sending in a form
  • chevron_rightIs there a meeting or orientation for new residents?
    In the very near future, we will offer an online New Resident Orientation - stay tuned for information!
  • chevron_rightWhich community website should I register with?
    Since Cinco Ranch has two different HOAs it needs two community websites to address the differences between the associations (documents, bylaws, restrictions, etc).

    For Cinco Ranch II Residents: You will register for the website you are currently on.

    For Cinco Ranch I Residents: You will register on CincoRanch.Life
  • chevron_rightI tried to login, but it won't let me. What do I do?
    In April of 2017, we upgraded our website.  We were unable to carry over everyone's registration.  Due to this, ALL residents will need to re-register for the website, as if they were "new."  Registrations are being processed on a first come, first serve basis, during business hours.  All registrations that come in after hours and over the weekend are processed during the following business day.  Please be patient as we process registrations for the new website. 
  • chevron_rightI forgot my password - what do I do?
    Don't worry!  Click the login link at the top of the page, and then click, "Forgot Password."  You will need to enter the email you registered for the website with.  After you hit submit, you will receive a password reset email (it will be coming from the email noreply@mycincoranch.com). 
    If the email you entered comes back with the message, "Unable to send login instructions. Contact Cinco Ranch Residential Association II for assistance," it means the email address you entered was either typed in wrong, or that is not the email you used for registration, or you are not currently a registered user of the website (if so, you will need to submit a registration request if you are a resident of Cinco Ranch II). 
  • chevron_rightI submitted my registration a while ago, but never got a confirmation - what do I do?
    Once your registration has been processed, the system automatically sends you an email that will guide you through completing the registration process.  If you did not receive the email, and it has been some time, we recommend checking your "spam" folder (often times, your email may think we are junk mail).  The email will come from noreply@mycincoranch.com.  If you still cannot find the confirmation email, please send an email to the website curator
  • chevron_rightWhat are level 2 and 3 users?
    If your spouse or child (or another member of your household) is a registered member of mycincoranch.com, you can "associate" them with your user account, under the "level 2 and 3" feature.