Resident Forms
All forms can be brought in to the Lake House during business hours, emailed, or mailed to:
Cinco Ranch Lake House
25202 Springwood Lake Dr.
Katy, TX 77494

New Resident Registration
If you are new to the community, you will need to fill out this form.  After completing this form, we will verify your residency.  Once verified, you will be issued community card keys, which will grant you access to Cinco Ranch amenities.
Additional or Replacement Keycards
All new residents are issued one free card key.  Additional or replacement card keys can be requested (fees will apply). 
Ashfield Gardens Residents
If you are a resident of Ashfield Gardens, you can request access to the clubhouse.
Troubleshoot your devices
Having trouble?  This form will assist us in fixing your device (card-key, ezTag)

Gated areas, ezTag access:
If you live in a gated area, you can request gate access via the ezTag on your car.  You can also request to have a gate code assigned, as well as a service code (for contractors, such as, landscapers, cleaning services, ect.).  This form will also enable your name to be placed at the gate directory, so that your family and friends can request access when they are at the gate.
Avalon (54)
Ironwood (6, 11)
The Reserve (21, 22, 50)
Sycamore Meadows (71)
The Estates (18)
Coming Soon - The Enclave (19)

Resale certificates are required.  To request a certificate, visit Resale certificates can only be requested through the listed site.
Why do you need a resale certificate?
The governing documents for the Cinco Ranch Residential Association II require a Resale Certificate.  A Resale Certificate provides information related to the homeowners association such as financial and insurance information, as well as copies of the community documents.  It also provides information specific to the property being sold including any open violations of the governing documents account balances.  In preparing a Resale Certificate, the management company also performs a Compliance Inspection of the full exterior of the property and will generate either a Certificate of Compliance or Non-Compliance.  As a seller, having the documents on hand in advance allows you to show any potential buyers that there are no known issues with the property or the community association.  As a buyer, obtaining these documents in advance provides confirmation that the property you are purchasing has no existing issues that will become your responsibility.