The Lake House
The Lake House Community Center is a place where community events and private parties are held. It is a 6,000 sq.ft. building, with five meeting rooms (separated by removable partitions), and a basic kitchen. There are also visual media accessories in several rooms and free wi-fi throughout the building.
The Lake House office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM.  You can contact GrandManors at the Lake House for more information at 281-394-7195 or by email More information can be found following a brief visual preview of the Lake House.
The Lake House may only be rented by Cinco I or Cinco II residents (within the HOA's), currently in good standing with their association (residency status will be verified), only for the purpose of private parties/gatherings.  Rentals by non-residents are prohibited.
Rentals are only available Friday evenings 6 PM - 12 AM; Saturdays from 12 PM until 12 AM; and Sundays from 8 AM until 12 AM. Please note we request a two-week notice before the event date to secure the room, attendant(s), and/or cleaning services.
Lake House Rental Agreement
All rental information can be found in the rental agreement which includes rental fees, attendant fees, forms of payment, and rental policies. For booking information or questions, please contact GrandManors Mondays through Friday at 281-394-7195 or by email at
  • All cancelations must be made 15 days, or more, prior to your booked date, in writing - phone calls will not be accepted for cancellations. 
  • All parties that are canceled after the cancelation period, half the deposit is kept, and 100% of the attendant fee is kept. 
  • All parties that are canceled within 72 hours of the event, 100% of the deposit and attendant fee is kept. 
  • For parties that fall on a time frame considered to be a holiday, the cancelation period is 30 days in advance. 
  • For parties that cancel during a holiday period, after the 30-day cancelation, 100% of the deposit and attendant fee are kept.
  • For all parties that do not cancel, and do not show, 100% of all fees are kept. 
If you would like to use the facilities for anything outside of a "private party," please contact the Community Coordinator.  Please note: we do not rent the facilities for business or business-type usage.
Reservation requests can be submitted via email, or in person at the Lake House during business hours.

*Holiday dates subject to an increased attendant fee are:
New Year's Day Good Friday
Easter Sunday Memorial Day
4th of July Labor Day
Thanksgiving Christmas Eve
Christmas Day New Year's Eve
If a holiday falls on a Thursday, Friday, or Monday then the following and preceding Saturday and Sunday are considered holiday weekends and are subject to holiday rates
Lake House Rental Calendar Availability