Pool Reservations
Westridge Creek pool and splash pad Lake House pool
Rosewood Pool Rollingwood Pool
Card Keys (amenity access):
PLEASE NOTE: Each card key allows up to 5 people entrance at the amenities (pools, tennis courts, splash pad), in Cinco Ranch II.  If more than 5 people are attending, additional card keys will be needed.  Each household in Cinco Ranch II may possess up to 4 card keys total. 
Cinco Ranch II Common Area Rules and Guidelines
All Cinco Ranch II Pools are now closed for the 2020 season.
Cinco Ranch II Pool Disclaimer
Pool Slide information:
Your child must be this tall in order to use the slides at the following pools:
Lake House Pool 42 inches
Rollingwood Pool 48 inches
Westridge Creek Pool 48 Inches
Cinco Ranch I
At this time, due to on-going restrictions in light of COVID-19, the Shared Use Agreement with Cinco Ranch I has been suspended for pool usage. Cinco Ranch II Residents are not permitted to utilize pools in Cinco Ranch I, and Cinco Ranch I Residents are not permitted to utilize pools in Cinco Ranch II.  Should this change, we will update this website.

Cinco Ranch II Pools  
Lake House Pool 25202 Springwood Lake Dr.
Rollingwood 28421 Rolling Ridge Dr.
Rosewood 26418 Cinco Terrace Dr.
Westridge Creek 27527 Westridge Creek Ln.
If you did not upgrade your card key in 2017, please visit this page for more information.  Your "old" card keys will no longer work.