CRRA2 Special Fence Project
This page is reserved for the CRRA2 Special Meetings regarding the options available for the common fencing within Cinch Ranch Residential II. Future meetings will be posted here along with any meeting reports and files. This information will be available to all Cinco Ranch Residential Association residents without having to log into for access.
Meeting Files
August 28, 2019, Special Meeting File
October 28, 2019, Special Meeting File
CRRA2 Community Meeting Fence Questions - Answers
Fencing Advisory Committee Meeting 12-11-19
Fencing Advisory Committee Meeting 1-29-20
Fencing Information
MUD Fence Database File
Cinco Ranch II (Southwest) - Fencing Priority, Preliminary Analysis
Condition Assessment of Perimeter Fencing
Fence Committee Charter
Fence Committee Charter
Communication Updates
November 22, 2019, email Looking for Fence Advisory Committee Volunteers
December 6, 2019, email notification of Fence Advisory Committee Meeting
January 18, 2020 Fence Advisory Committee Initial Communication
Fencing Advisory Committee Monthly Update - February 2020