Going Digital - Classes and Camps
Everyone is going virtual! Our classes and camps are no exception to this trend.
Summer Camps
We don't want YOU to miss out and we don't like to be bothering too much!
Please excuse the long email. We have a lot to offer!
We appreciate YOU reading through and sharing with your friends and family.
IN PERSON Programs
YR Teacher with meet with YouR kiddos in person and work with them in small groups, space is very limited. Individual material will be used. Available at:
LIVE - Zoom Programs
YR Teacher with meet YouR kiddos virtually to provide drawing instruction.
  • Once a week classes offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Monday to Thursday Themed workshops EVERY week
ON DEMAND Programs
Bette Fetter, founder of Young Rembrandts, is teaching!
YouR kid (and family) can watch them at anytime that is right for YOU!
  • Individual lessons - about 50 minutes of instruction at your convenience
  • Themed workshops - videos to draw over one theme to at your convenience
All material needed is easy to have: 8.5 X 11 white paper, pencils, erasers, broad line markers, color pencils, crayons and fine point black permanent marker. YouR kid may use whatever is available, keep in mind the most important part is to learn and enjoy. However, if you need help with materials, please let us know. Thank you for empowering YouR child through the Power of Drawing. Always remember, Young Rembrandts methodology develops skills while boosting creativity and confidence, we believe every child can and should learn to draw. Join Young Rembrandts efforts in filling the world with color!