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Late in the month of June and early July the Association has contracted with the landscaping company to do a special treatment on the grass in Cinco Ranch II areas. What you can expect to occur during this treatment is a broadcast of herbicide in the turf in order to eradicate grassy weeds.  The grassy weeds affected will turn brown over the course of a few weeks as they are treated.   The turf will green back up in these areas following the grassy weed die off.  Since this is Summer, this process can take a little bit of time depending on weather conditions such as additional rain or excessive heat (which could speed up or slow down the regrowth process).  The end result should be a greatly reduced grassy weed presence in the overall turf of the community. 
Posted on May 26, 2021 9:00 AM by CRRA2 Board of Directors
To:          Cinco Ranch II Homeowners
Re:         Voice your Concerns - Possible Expansion of Spring Green to 6 lanes
The CRRA II HOA Board has received information that Fort Bend County is in the process of looking at possibly expanding Spring Green Boulevard between FM 1093 and Cinco Ranch Blvd. from 4 lanes to 6 lanes.  Members of the HOA Board and several committees have voiced concerns about how increasing traffic patterns along Spring Green Blvd. could affect not only our quality of living in Cinco Ranch but can have a direct impact on the safety of our residents and especially our students.
It seems as if this project is in line with an expansion of FM723 from Richmond to FM1093 which is currently occurring.
Areas of concern identified in any expansion could include:
·         Increased vehicular traffic through Cinco Ranch SW by vehicles using FM 723 and Spring Green as a “Cut Through” from 1093 to Interstate 10.
·         Higher speed limits along common pedestrian walk and pathways abutting green space along Spring Green Blvd. used by Cinco Ranch Residents.
·         Damage to and reduction of HOA Supported Landscaping along Spring Green decreasing the visual appeal of the roadway.
·         Increased costs to Cinco Ranch II Residents by having to pay to fix damaged irrigation and landscaping along the roadway caused by roadway construction.
·         Safety concerns for Students attending public and private schools attended by Cinco Ranch residents.  Many students must traverse Spring Green Blvd going to and from school.  Increased traffic and vehicle speeds will endanger students and pedestrians who must cross Spring Green Blvd to access schools and Amenities. Schools which would be directly impacted are:
o   Seven Lakes High School
o   Seven Lakes Grade 9 Center
o   Seven Lakes Junior High
o   Events held at Seven Lakes Natatorium
o   Tom Wilson Elementary School
o   Thompkins High School
o   Primrose School of West Cinco Ranch
All residents should be concerned about traffic increases in our community so we encourage you to directly contact Fort Bend County Precinct III Commissioner Andy Meyers to voice your specific concerns or use those stated above.
Andy Meyers can be contacted via Written Mail or Email at the address listed below.  We encourage all CRRA II Residents to voice your concern now and continue letting Commissioner Meyers know that this is NOT something that will benefit Cinco Ranch and will cause extreme traffic and safety issues.
The Honorable Andy Meyers,
Commissioner, Precinct 3
22333 Grand Corner Drive
Katy, Texas
Phone: 281-238-1400 
Posted on May 25, 2021 9:00 AM by CRRA2 Board of Directors
SPRING GREEN BLVD.... TO S. FRY ROAD ONLY - I’ve heard you. I am not surprised that the people who intentionally built Spring Green for a future expansion have not informed the community through the years of these plans. But I don’t intend to force this issue when there is such opposition. This week, I asked our Engineering team to do a quick cost-benefit analysis on dialing back the scope of the Spring Green project to end at S. Fry Road, instead of Cinco Ranch Blvd.
From a traffic engineer perspective - this is easily the most closely-watched stretch of roadway that is not a state FM road, north of FM 1093 in Fort Bend County. The various major thoroughfare plans going back to 1985 show how important this was to your MUDs and developers. There will be a traffic increase in the area over the next few years and we will do our best with it as it arrives.
I’ve very clearly heard the community feedback that the residents do not want additional lanes north of Fry that would impact the neighborhood entrances and the pedestrian traffic that uses the trails and crosswalk systems. Therefore, we will cut the project short and maximize the space for the growing traffic jams south of S. Fry Road near the big box retail. As shown by our unconstrained traffic models, this area must have more safety features and lane improvements to accommodate the cars already there and the future growth that is coming to the region.
The County will immediately instruct our engineering team to re-allocate costs on this project, and use the savings on other projects that were much further down our mobility project list of needs.
Please keep in mind – your developers, your MUDs, and your HOA have had plans for this expansion since before 2010. The HOA landscaped for this. The MUD engineers have been in contact with us to discuss their studies and plans for the roadway. This was a concept originated by your community leaders far many years before the community was built out. As residents of the City of Houston’s extra-territorial jurisdiction – your engineers, your developers, and your HOA have spent years planning for an expansion but have never intended to pay for it.
If the MUDs and the HOA wish to revisit these expansion plans for this roadway in the future, it will be incumbent on them to find the funds. There is good news in that the HOA and the community can fully expand the flowerbeds and landscaping to occupy more of the esplanades north of S. Fry – the County won’t place those plants at risk.
The FM roadway expansion of FM 723, FM 1463, and SH 99 are all TxDOT roads and while we have worked to accelerate and add funding to the construction of those roads, the county does not have ownership of the right-of-way or authority to set the construction schedule ahead of the State of Texas. I’m pleased that FM 1463 will begin its construction project this summer, and SH 99 in the Fall of next year. More and more homes are being built in our region, and the county is working diligently to accommodate this growth with more roads and lanes where they are needed.
In this instance – we’ll take the biggest bite of the apple that we can and build up to S. Fry. No residential inlets will be affected and Spring Green Blvd. will retain its current schematic at S. Fry Road. No additional lanes will be built at S. Fry Road and nothing will change at that intersection.
I hope this alleviates the community’s concerns about impacts to homes, school children, and pedestrian traffic and I appreciate everyone who gave feedback. It is a good thing that the community is now aware of what the historical plans and needs of your community have been and you should remain active and interested in these matters. The County will continue to closely monitor the rising traffic as the pandemic ends and schools return to full capacity in the fall. We anticipate a severe jump in congestion as show in our models, but we will do our best to address it south of S. Fry Road.
Posted on May 13, 2021 9:00 AM by Admin
To Our Valued Customer:
First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your partnership. As we have always said, we take tremendous pride in delivering services that exceed your expectations. With that being said, we also realize that we have fallen short of this recently with some services being provided later than usual, and in some cases, the next day.
There are a few factors driving these recent issues. First, disposal volumes remain elevated due to COVID. The amount of waste we are collecting has been 20-25% above normal volumes since the pandemic began. While things are moving in a positive direction, there will be a lasting effect on the waste stream with the accelerated adaption of online shopping and meal delivery services. In addition to this, the freeze contributed significant volume to the waste stream between debris and dead vegetation. This sent our monthly disposal volumes from 30,000-32,000 tons to 53,000 in March and 43,000 in April, translating to extended service times. Unlike other haulers, we made a conscious decision to continue collecting standard amounts of waste as compared to reducing quantities. Our mindset was that we would rather be a late by a day than having waste curbside for weeks on end. There remain lingering effects from this event.
The second contributing factor is still COVID, but its effect on our workforce. Our biggest concern through the pandemic has been the safety of our employees. With that, we have a serious concern of COVID sweeping through our staff. Our in-house COVID protocol remains in full force with testing and quarantining. When a crew has had contact with a positive person, the entire crew is shut down for testing and quarantine. This leads to unfamiliar crews on route and in turn delayed or inconsistent services. Although it is a sub-crew, we are doing their best to accurately cover these routes. Positively, our staff continues to get vaccinated, however, as we are all aware, with the vaccines can be some side effects, leaving us with an absent employee(s) for a period of days.
Finally, the labor pool has tightened tremendously over the last months. The demand for qualified drivers coupled with the timing of stimulus checks, added unemployment benefits, and the timing of tax returns has created a true strain on the labor market. We continue to expand our avenues for recruiting and hiring, we are seeing rising wages as we work to retain our staff, and we have even implemented hiring bonuses for new employees and recruiting bonuses for our team if they bring employees on. The process is arduous but moving forward.
I would like to reiterate that we fully understand the expectations of our customers and boards that we service. By no means is late or delayed service a favorable outcome for us. We are working diligently to minimize and overcome these challenges, but we also want our customers to be aware that these challenges will take some time to overcome. I am confident in our team, culture, and reputation that Texas Pride Disposal overcoming these obstacles will be a short-term challenge and service will soon be again delivered to your expectations.
In addition, we do encourage you to enroll in our service notification system. This system allows us to notify by email of potential delays or carryovers with our service. With the current challenges, our operations team is sending updates three times daily to customer service, with final notice going out to affected customers. You can enroll on the homepage of our website (www.texaspridedisposal.com), or by emailing Averian Gaston (averian@texaspridedisposal.com) with your MUD/HOA and the preferred emails for notices.
Again, we thank you for your continued partnership and understanding. We look forward to delivering the services you have come to expect from us, and we have always expected of ourselves.
Thank you, Kevin Atkinson Owner Texas Pride Disposal
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To review the full letter and documents please click here.
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The Board has been made aware of a potential mobility project regarding the widening of Spring Green Boulevard. As Spring Green is a major thoroughfare that runs through our community from FM1093 to the round‐a‐bout to the north, we believe that the widening would create significant safety issues for children that walk to school, will bring additional traffic through the heart of the community, subtract from the aesthetic character of the area, and will be utilized as a cut through to adjacent communities.
The letter below has been sent to the Commissioner on behalf to the residents of Cinco Ranch Residential Association II. If you would like to also voice your opinion on this matter, please reach out directly to the Commissioner’s Office via email at Andy.Meyers@fortbendcountytx.gov or by calling 281‐238‐1400.
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For more information about summer camps being held at the Lake House click here.
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Dear Resident:
Cinco Southwest Municipal Utility District Nos. 2,3, and 4 have adopted a policy and procedures in which the Districts will consider permitting a water credit due to rupture or other damage causing a leak in a resident’s waterline during Winter Storm Uri. This credit is only for damages caused by the event causing excessive water usage and is not a credit for normal usage and/or preventative measures such as dripping faucets.
In order to be considered for a leak adjustment, residents must submit the request in writing and provide details and documentation on the repairs.  Some of the acceptable documentation includes pictures, a plumber’s bill or a receipt for parts and a statement of self-repair.
You can find the form for each District attached for your convenience.  
For questions, you may contact Inframark, at 281-579-4500 or email your documentation to elizabeth.reeves@inframark.com
Leak adjustment request and all related documentation must be received by May 1, 2021. 
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Many associations, whether gated or not, post “No Solicitation” signs at the entrance(s) or throughout the community and Cinco Ranch II is no exception.
Typically, solicitation is considered door-to-door selling, which is different from someone leaving advertising material on the door. Hand delivery of advertisements is cheaper than mailing, but it is still a common form of junk mail. Basically, anyone who wants to sell something can use this tactic. There’s not really much the homeowner or HOA can do, except to post signage and call to report frequent or repeat offenders.
If you do not want the free newspaper the Houston Chronicle delivers to the area, then you will need to contact HCN, Delivery Service deliveryservice@hcnonline.com or call
888-670-1483 to be removed from their distribution list.
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The Reserve at Spring Lake Fence Replacement Project will start on Monday, March 8th. Fencing will be removed and new sections will be installed. Temporary fencing will be installed if a section of fence cannot be completed at that time. This project is expected to take up to 25 working days barring weather. Sidewalks may be temporarily obstructed. Please use caution in this area during the project timeline.  
Should you have questions or concerns please contact Customercare.at 713-981-9000 or customercare@ciaservices.com
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