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Cinco Ranch Residential Association II is very fortunate to have such beautiful areas, including the walking trails and parks around the community.

Many pet owners like to exercise with their dogs and take them for walks around the trails. For those of you who do walk your dogs, remember, everyone living in the Cinco Ranch Community deserves to enjoy their activities without apprehension of being approached, barked at, or bitten by a passerby's dog, or stepping in dog feces.

Please be respectful of your neighbors. A little consideration will go a long way. The negative situations created by a few who do not obey the rules (keeping their animals on leashes at all times and properly disposing of pet feces) affect all pet owners when laws, ordinances, regulations and public policies are made!

Key Points:

  • It's common courtesy - Cleaning up after your pet shows respect for our neighbors and community. Only irresponsible pet owners leave their pet's feces for others to look at, step in or clean up.
  • Dog Feces is unhealthy - Disposing of feces immediately helps all dogs stay healthier and reduces feces-borne parasites and illnesses.
  • Dog Feces bio-degrades slowly - The process is very slow and in places where the dog population is high, abandoned dog feces can accumulate faster than it breaks down.
  • Dog feces pollutes the water - Dog feces, like any feces, contain high levels of nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, which actually pollute the water.

Part of being a responsible pet owner is ALWAYS being aware of your pet's impact on other people's lives and homes! 


Thank you for your cooperation.

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Congratulations, it's your big birthday!  Or, your retirement!  Or, your child's graduation!  Or.... whatever the occasion may be!  We, just like you, love holding a party for the occasion, for any occasion! 

However, what are you going to do if you invite more people than your home can hold?!

No problem - we gotcha covered, at The Lake House!  Did you know that you can rent out The Lake House for your party?  All residents of Cinco Ranch, who are currently in good standing with their respective Associations, are eligible to rent out The Lake House.  Unfortunately, residents of other communities may not rent out The Lake House.  This just makes The Lake House one of the many special perks available by living in Cinco Ranch!

The reservation process is quite simple, and very painless (unless you get a paper cut, at which point, we're sorry!).  We recommend checking to see if the date you have in mind is available, first.  You can call (281-394-7195 ext. 1) or email (LakeHouse@mycincoranch.com) our Community Assistant.  Please keep in mind that reservations need to be a made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, and can be made up to 6 months in advance.  From there, you will be asked to fill out the rental contract, and submit the required deposits.  If you change your mind, no problem!  You can always cancel your reservation if you change your mind (a minimum 2 weeks cancellation notice is asked for, to be eligible for a full refund on your deposit).

For more information about the policies regarding renting The Lake House, please see The Lake House page or call The Lake House at 281-394-7195 ext. 1, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9 AM - 6 PM (closed 1 - 2 PM for lunch).  

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The weather is beautiful, the birds are signing, and the outdoors are calling your name!  It really is looking like the perfect day to go to the park, or play tennis.  But, don’t forget your card key when you leave your house!

In Cinco Ranch, community card keys are required to access many of the amenities.  Those amenities include, but are not limited to, tennis courts, restrooms at the tennis courts, splash pads, pools, The Lake House, and park bathrooms.  Without your card key, you will not have access to these amenities! 

The systems that we upgraded in 2017 were original to our community.  Though we wish they could be utilized forever, it unfortunately had come to the end of its lifespan.  As many of you may remember, in April of 2017, Cinco Ranch II upgrade our electronic access device system (the system that “reads” our community card keys) due to this fact.  Everyone was asked to exchange their “old” card key, as the old card keys were no longer compatible with our new systems.

If you didn't get a chance to trade in your “old” card key, don’t worry!  You can stop by the Lake House any time during Lake House business hours to exchange your old card key for a new card key. 

Are you a new resident?  Guess what?  You get your first card key for free!  All other card keys, including additional or replacements, are $25. 

Each household may possess up to 4 total card keys.  If you have a large family, it would be a good idea to purchase additional card keys, as each card key will allow entrance to 4 residents at the amenities.  If you have teenagers that go to the pools on their own, it would also be wise to purchase additional card keys.

Do you live in a gated area?  Did you know that your card key will also allow you access at the gates?  You probably already registered your ezTag for gate access, but it’s good to know your card key can act as your backup at your gate, especially if you’re driving a temporary vehicle, or you’re with a friend a family member.  But don’t worry, not everyone’s card keys work at your gate!  Only residents who live in that gated area have access with their card keys. 

Do you want to go to a pool in Cinco Ranch I?  No problem!  Your card key WILL work!  Thanks to the Shared Use Agreement, your card keys will also grant you access to the amenities in Cinco Ranch I, just as Cinco Ranch I residents can access our amenities with their card keys.


If your card key is suddenly not working, don’t panic, we can help you!  You can call (281-394-7195 ext. 1) or email (LakeHouse@mycincoranch.com) us at the Lake House, and we will troubleshoot your problem.   

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Welcome to our new community website!  This improvement is long over due, and we're glad that we could finally make it happen.  We've spent the last several months working on this new website, and we hope that you will be able to better find everything that you need.
We want you to know - we know that this website is not perfect, but we strive to make it the best possible community website that we can have.  That's why we need your feedback.  Now through July, there is a community survey available under the Questionnaire section of the HOA.  Your time answering this short survey will help us make further improvements and necessary changes. 
In the future, you will see more changes coming within the website.  As the community changes, so will the needs of the website.  You will see more new features, and more information at your finger tips.  It is our hopes to be able to provide everything you may need.
Questions?  Contact the Website Curator
-The Cinco "Duece" Tech Team
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