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You’ve probably heard it before, but have no clue what it means.  So, what is the “Community Council,” you ask?  The Cinco Ranch Southwest Community Council is not affiliated, endorsed, nor sponsored by Cinco Ranch Residential Association II, however, they are the Association that hosts all events, activities, classes, and camps within Cinco Ranch II.  In other words, your HOA does not present the community events you regularly see, as they are handled by a separate entity. 

The Cinco Ranch Southwest Community Council is administered by a Board of Trustees and is part of the team planning and bringing you the wonderful events and various fitness and education classes held in or around the Lake House.  The Council is a separate entity from the Residential Association, which means the HOA does not have a hand in planning community events and classes whatsoever.  However, the Council does communicate and interact with the Residential Association Board because a very small portion of your assessment money goes to help fund community events and activities (approximately $8 per year).  In addition, the Council solicits support from our contractors and Katy area businesses in the form of in-kind or financial donations/sponsorships.  The individuals who serve on the Council Board are not elected per the legal documents, but instead are appointed by both the Residential Association Board and the Board Trustees of the Community Council.  We recently added two new resident members to the Council Board.  This means we now have four Cinco Ranch II residents appointed to the Council and three non-resident Trustees.  If you’ve been to any of the events recently, you’ve seen our enthusiastic Community Coordinator, Lindsay Scholfield.  Lindsay has suggested to the Trustees some new events that have already occurred or will be offered in the near future.  The first was the highly successful Alligator Education Seminar.  It was standing room only for that event.  Other new events are adults only casino and bingo nights, and more to come soon! 

Another role of the Council is to provide health and wellness programs to encourage fitness for all ages, and educational programs to develop skills that will help foster learning in children of all ages.  Over the last few months we’ve added new classes to the Lake House, including Zumba, Taekwondo, Drama, and we have amped up the schedules of a few of our existing classes, to better meet your needs.  We’ve also added several new camps to the Lake House lineup this year

Giving back to the community has really been stepped up under Lindsay’s leadership.  Every month we select a local charity to support.  For instance, this past winter, we partnered with The Ballard House, located in Cinco Ranch.  The Ballard House is a home away from home for patients and their families receiving medical treatment in the Katy/Houston area.  Our generous residents brought in household items, such as paper products and cleaning supplies to donate.  This was crucial for The Ballard House, as they recently re-opened after substantial flooding damaged the house during Hurricane Harvey. 


If you have any questions about the Community Council, please contact Lindsay at lifestyle@mycincoranch.com.  We look forward to seeing you at all of our community events, classes, and camps.

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Introducing the 2018-2019 Lake House Classes Lineup

The Cinco Ranch Southwest Community Council is proud to present our lineup of Lake House classes for 2018 – 2019.  We will be holding an informational night at the Lake House on August 24th from 6 – 8 PM, where you will have the opportunity to meet all of our returning and new classes!  More information about classes offered at the Lake House can be found at the Classes page




Drama Kids provides imaginative learning experiences that also include occasional fun class performances to enhance the experience.  Highly qualified and specially trained teachers engage participants in new creative lessons in each class, proven to be both fun and highly developmental. Drama Kids normally meets Tuesdays at 5:00 PM and Thursdays at 7 PM, with several sessions. 


Kindermusik is an established community of educators passionately committed to bringing the power of music to children and their families around the world. Since 1978, their research-based music-and-movement curricula have enhanced the lives of millions through the universal language of music, supporting whole-child development and providing the early foundations of future school success.  Kindermusik normally meets Tuesdays at 9:30 AM, with several sessions. 


STEM Drones mission is to inspire students to learn STEM by making it fun and cool.  The STEM Drones class was founded by the inspiration of students and the joy of teaching.  One day, a teacher flew a drone in class for fun and the students went wild with excitement.  STEM Drones normally meets Wednesdays at 5:30 PM.




Baby Boot Camp is an innovative stroller fitness program designed to balance the fitness needs of moms while spending time with their children. Created in 2001 by Kristen Horler, Baby Boot Camp strives to help moms regain or enhance their pre-pregnancy fitness levels and meet the physical challenges of parenting by emphasizing strength training in a supportive environment.  Baby Boot Camp normally meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 9:30 AM.


Carson’s Art School is a family owned and operated Art Instruction School focused on developing the individual talents imparted into each of our students, young and old. A desire was planted within them and it's our mission to nurture and grow that desire into a realized dream. Whether you're looking for a place to develop your creativity or you're seeking a career in art, we have the ability to further your art education. Carson’s Art School normally meets Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays all day, with multiple sessions during the day and evening.


Coder Kids Make Games in Scratch (Grades 3-8).  Learn to create simple computer programs using Scratch, a programming language developed for kids by MIT. We will start with simple animations and work our way into creating games. No programming experience is required. Returning students can pick up where they left off and continue with more challenging projects.  Coder Kids normally meets Wednesdays at 4:30 PM.


Rhythm India is ranked as one of the Top 20 Dance Schools in Houston, and provides the finest Bollywood dance training and performances. They cater to all ethnic backgrounds and age groups and pride themselves on making classes’ fun and challenging while committing to the long term development of our students.  Rhythm India normally meets Mondays and Wednesdays, at 5 PM, with several sessions.


Taekwondo Get fit, get focused, get enrolled and learn martial arts at an affordable price of only $79 per month!  They offer fun and exciting classes for all.  Taekwondo normally meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 PM, with several sessions.


Tippi Toes Dance Company offers exciting, fun energetic dance classes for boys and girls 18 months to 12 years old.  Tippi Toes normally meets Mondays at 5 PM, and Thursdays at 4:00 PM, with several sessions.


True Fit is a program designed for all fitness levels. Increase your strength, flexibility, balance & cardiovascular fitness.  True Fit normally meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, at 8:30 AM.


Zumba is brought to you by Hearty N Fit.  This exciting class is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance.  Zumba will resume classes this Spring.

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We have identified that the zero-depth entry near the splash feature has begun to chip off, creating a harsh surface.  When the pool was investigated at the opening of this pool seasons, the area did not appear to be significantly rough.  Unfortunately, once the pools opened, it did become an issue for soft, wet feet of younger children. 


At this time, mats and chairs were put in place at the zero-depth entry to provide a safe pathway entry and to avoid the need to close the pool during the swim season.  The mats are a temporary measure.  We are already in the process of soliciting proposals for a new surface and are looking at alternatives to the existing tile product.  The installation of the new surface will be completed during the off season. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience

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The Cinco Ranch 2 Board of Directors consists of 7 members.  Each Board member is elected for a term of 2 years.  The way the By-Laws are written, and within a calendar year, 4 members are elected every “odd” year, and 3 members are elected every “even” year.  Therefore, roughly half the Board is elected each year. 

The Board of Directors is charged with implementing the Association’s purpose to maintain and improve the value of the community.  Some of their duties include:

  • Ensuring adequate resources are available
  • Recruiting and developing volunteers for the Association
  • Setting policies, procedures, rules, guidelines and budgets
  • Serving as a “court of appeal” to the members of the community
  • Determining and monitoring the programs and services

After each election, the Board is required to select officer positions.  The Officer positions are:

President – the role of the President is that of a leader. The President typically presides over the meetings, keeps the agenda going and ensures sound decisions are made. The President leads discussions and ensures productivity.

Vice President – the Vice-President shall act in place of the President in the event of his/her absence, inability or refusal to act, and shall exercise and discharge such other duties as may be required of this position by the Board.

Secretary – the Secretary is typically responsible for the minutes of the meeting; however, the Community Manager is often assigned this task and the Secretary signs the acceptance of the minutes upon board approval.

Treasurer – the Treasurer reviews the payables and financials. Management handles the daily operation of the financials; however, the Treasurer serves as a checks and balance.

All board members are part of the discussions and the decision making process.  All board members spend time outside of meetings communicating with the neighbors and preparing for handling community business.

All Board meetings are open to all residents of Cinco Ranch 2.  The exception is during their Executive session (or, “closed session.”).  The purpose of the Executive Session is so that Board may discuss information that is confidential.  By keeping this portion of the meeting closed, it protects ALL homeowners’ privacy.  We are required, by law, to maintain your privacy; by holding this short portion of the meeting as a closed session, we can guarantee everyone’s property related business remains anonymous, and safeguarded.  After the conclusion of each Executive Session, an announcement of any decisions made during the closed session is made, in general terms, so as to continue to protect homeowners’ privacy.

As a note from your Board, elected by YOU, we encourage you to attend meetings and make your voice heard.  Presently, Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month, at 5 PM.  If you cannot attend, you can still contact the Board directly using the Contact Us form. 

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Cinco Ranch Residential Association II will be home to 6,358 homes upon build out.  At this moment, we currently have 6,083 homes that are already occupied, with more coming very soon.

With the growth of the Community, there is an increase of traffic, whether it be on the main thoroughfares or on the inner parts of each section.  This may cause obstructions in the flow of traffic in certain areas for residents, school buses, Sheriff Deputies, and other emergency vehicles.  We are requesting that you take into consideration the traffic flow in the area and utilize your garage and driveway.

Please be conscience of parking in your driveway and not “sticking out” onto the street, or blocking the sidewalk. If you have multiple vehicles at your residence, you may need to allow additional time to “shuffle” them to allow another household member to leave, or work out a parking plan so that everyone knows when and where to park.

Summer is here, and many of us will have friends and family who will be coming to town to visit.  Extra vehicles can cause inconvenient parking situations.  We ask that you please refrain from parking your cars on the streets overnight.  Not only is this an eye-sore, it can become an extreme safety issue.  Emergency vehicles may not be able to pass between two cars parked on a street, or this may cause your neighbors the inability to back out of their driveways safely.  Most importantly, this could put children playing in danger with the risk of getting hit by passing cars as there will be a blind spot.

Though the Deed Restrictions in Cinco Ranch II do not prohibit street parking, there are many parking situations that can be deemed illegal under Fort Bend County and state laws.  When parking near the corner of a street, you must leave at least 20 feet away from the bumper of your car to the corner; if that corner has a stop sign, the law requires a minimum of 30 feet instead of 20.  When parking near a fire hydrant, you must leave at least 15 feet from the bumper of your car to the hydrant, on either side of the hydrant.  It is also illegal to park in a manner that blocks a driveway or intersection.  Additionally, when parking in a cul-de-sac, cars should be parked parallel to the curb as they normally would on a straight curb; parking with your front or rear bumper to the curb at a cul-de-sac, as if it were a “parking spot,” is also illegal. 

When parking, you should ask yourself, have I created a hazard?  Would an emergency vehicle be able to get to someone’s home?   Have I created an attraction for children to play hide and seek?  Have I created a blind spot for motorist?  Do you want to be the reason something serious happened to your neighbor or yourself?  We are asking everyone in the neighborhood to think of these different things and protect each other before parking.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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Your Board of Directors recently adopted a new set of guidelines for landscaping, to supplement the current Architectural Guidelines and Community Covenants.  These new guidelines outline what type of grass may used, the maximum allowable height of your grass, and other general guidelines for the overall maintenance of the landscaping on your property.  The biggest item to change of note is grass – previously, the Community Covenants only allowed Bermuda grass (in the “original” sections, St. Augustine was allowed).  Under this new guideline, in addition to Bermuda, Zoysia and St. Augustine are now also allowed.  More information regarding the new Landscaping Guidelines can be found under the Home Improvements page and the Documents/Meetings/Budgets page. 

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The first tennis courts to open in Cinco Ranch 2 were the Rosewood Tennis Courts.  These courts are nearly 10 years old.  For those of you who have played on these courts recently, you will have noticed that they are beginning to show.  For this reason, your Board of Directors has approved a resurfacing project.  This much needed maintenance will take place beginning June 25.  Provided that the weather cooperates, the Rosewood Tennis Courts are expected to re-open the morning of June 30.  Keep an eye out on the Tennis page for further updates.  Once this project is completed, be on the lookout for some before and after photos!

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Cinco Ranch Residential Association II is governed by a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), which includes legal documents (Deed Restrictions) that outlines what you can and cannot do.   Where you store your trash receptacles is one of the things outlined in these documents. 

During our regular deed restriction audits, we cite a large number of homes who are placing their trash cans/bags at the curb the day before trash day.  Not only is this not appealing for the community, it is costs the association money to print and mail letters to each homeowner for this violation (a violation that is very easy to correct).  Please do not place your trash/trash cans at the curb earlier than 6:00 PM the day before any trash pickup day.  If you have a landscaper that maintains your lawn, ask them to either take the clippings with them once they have completed work or place the bag of clippings behind your fence.

This also includes leaving receptacles at the curb, and in plain view after the pickup has been completed.  The receptacles should be removed from view the same day as pick up.

If we all work together, this will lower the cost of postage and copies for your Association and keep your community looking beautiful! 


Thank you for your cooperation.

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Your newsletter, My Cinco Ranch, is looking for guest writers to contribute to our monthly community newsletter.  The following guidelines must be adhered to when submitting an article:

  1. Submission of an article does not guarantee publishing.
  2. Guest writers must be residents of the community (with the exception of articles requested from the Community Management Team and Community Vendors/Contractors). 
  3. Submissions that are plagiarized will not be accepted.  All sources used shall be credited. 
  4. Content should be relevant and beneficial to the immediate community (Cinco Ranch II). 
  5. Articles shall not be of religious, political, sexual or otherwise offensive nature, in content as well as intent of tone.
  6. Submissions may not be advertisements or in promotion of products or businesses and services.  Articles that are reviews of products, businesses, or services, will not be accepted. 
  7. Submissions may not be negative in nature, or harmful to the community. 
  8. All submissions shall be subject to review for length, content, spelling, grammar, and shall be edited as needed for length and/or clarity. 
  9. All submissions shall become property of Cinco Ranch Residential Association II (CRRA2), to be published at its discretion.  Credit will be given to the original writer, if/when it is published. 

All articles may be submitted to the Community Coordinator digitally at lifestyle@mycincoranch.com.  Please submit articles in a Word or PDF document.  Up to 3 photos may also be attached (and may or may not be used, pending space in the newsletter).  If your article is time sensitive, please contact the Community Coordinator for publication deadlines and further information – we recommend submitting all articles by the first of each month. 

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Meet your Management Team!

Did you know that upon build out, Cinco Ranch II will be home to 6,358 homes?  Yes, you read that number right!  To help manage that many homes within the HOA, the Board of Directors has contracted C.I.A. Services to manage the day-to-day aspects of the community.  Your Community Management Team consists of 7 dedicated employees, and dozens of support employees in the offices as well.


Of your Community Management Team, 4 employees are regularly on property, and you may recognize their faces! At the Lake House, you have your Community Assistant, Ryne, and your Community Coordinator, Lindsay.  Ryne is someone many of you have met, spoken to, or emailed, regarding your card keys, ezTags, or other issues around the community.  Lindsay, as an employee of the Community Council, organizes all events/activities and classes for the community, maintains your website, mycincoranch.com, plus many other tasks.  If you have attended Food Truck Friday, Bingo, the Zombie Walk, Family Fest, and many other events, you will see her working hard to make sure you all are having a great time!  At the field office, you have your 2 Maintenance Coordinators, Daniel and Anderson.  Your Maintenance Coordinators insure that Cinco Ranch II is looked after, and is in tip top shape!  They oversee your community assets and all contractors who work on them, and coordinate the day-to-day operations on property.


Though you may not see them often, but do hear from them frequently, the final 3 members of your Community Management Team are your Administrative Assistant, Kassye, Community Manager, Kimberly, and Community General Manager (and Vice President of C.I.A. Services), Laura.  These 3 ladies work on many behind the scenes aspects of the HOA management, including, but not limited to, communicating with individual residents who have questions/concerns, overseeing the community budget and expenditures, assisting with reviewing home improvement applications, and reviewing many other aspects that fall under the umbrella of the Community Management Team’s duties.  They are the backbone of your management team and help keep us running! 


Many more employees at C.I.A. Services are people you may have spoken to or emailed in the past, as they encompass pieces of our management’s Community Support Services.  They include the team members that are apart of Customer Care, Home Improvement Request Coordinators, Compliance Inspectors, Deed Restriction Inspectors, Accounting Clerks, and many others.  These team members provide vital support to the Community Management Team, to make certain that they are able to complete day-to-day functions and insure that Cinco Ranch II is managed and maintained as one of the Greater Houston area’s premier communities.  If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call or email us – we’re here to help!