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What is a community cat?
“Community cat” is an umbrella definition that includes any un-owned cat. These cats may be “feral” (un-socialized) or friendly, may have been born into the wild or maybe lost or abandoned pet cats. Some community cats are routinely fed by one or more community members, while others survive without human intervention. Whatever a cat’s individual circumstances, the term “community cat” reflects the reality that for these cats, “home” is within the community rather than in an individual household.
A colony can range from 3–25 cats. Their locations vary.  Community cat colonies can be in alleyways, parks, or neighborhoods.  Members consist of adult females, their young, and some adult males.
Several organizations, including CAP, are committed to solving this problem through humane trap-neuter- return programs.
What is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)?
Twenty years of research has shown that TNR is the most humane and effective strategy for reducing the feral cat population. It has been proven that trapping and euthanizing feral cats only contributes to the population problem. Cats are territorial and when cats are removed and euthanized from a location, new cats will move in and the survivors will breed to capacity. This well-documented phenomenon is called the vacuum effect. TNR stops the problem because it stops the breeding and the colony will gradually diminish over time.
How can I keep unwanted community cats off of my property?
Remove all potential food sources from the property: This would include pet food for the resident’s animals, meat scraps in compost, fallen fruit from trees, barbecue grills, excess bird food from bird feeders and garbage. Garbage bags are very attractive to animals, so trash should be kept in containers with a secure lid, and put out in the morning of pick up to reduce the temptation for the animals.
Limit availability of water: Limit access to water features, pools and ponds with fencing. Remove or repair sources of standing water.
Remove or secure potential shelter areas: Secure access under houses, sheds, decks, porches, and buildings with wire fencing. Open spaces beneath structures should be tightly screened with 1/4- or 1/3-inch galvanized hardware mesh. The bottom edge of the wire should be buried at least 6 inches deep, extended outward for 12 inches, so it forms an L shape, and then covered with soil, or heavy stones. Trees should be trimmed so that the branches that overhang roofs are at least 5 feet from the house. Bushes and shrubs need to be thinned and trimmed so that there are 18 inches of open space above the ground to limit the cover for animals to hide under.
Other useful tactics to deter unwanted cats: Place chicken wire or plastic carpet runner, spikes up, under flower bed mulch to make scratching uncomfortable. Sprinkle coffee grounds or citrus peels or use citrus spray on gardens and shrubs. One very effective tool is a motion detection device combined with common water, available from various outlets. The cat breaks the beam of the device and is immediately sprayed with a stream of water. This device works on raccoons, dogs, opossums, and other animals, too.
For more information about this program at CAPS in Katy click here.
For more information about SNAP, Spray-Neuter Assistance Program, click here.
For more information about the City of Houston BARC click here.
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The big lake at the Cinco Ranch Lake House and Lake House Pool has a new name. Say hello to Lake George. Lake George was named in honor of George Nisson who provided 33 years of community service to Cinco Ranch and Katy TX. George passed away on July 29, 2018. A memorial/dedication service will take place in February.
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Here are some upcoming events in the community that may interest you:
VillaSport-Cinco Ranch Family Fun Fest -
Join VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa for another complimentary Family FunFest on Saturday February 1 from 10:00am – 2:00pm  at 9930 Gaston Road Katy, 77494 (next to Kroger)
They’ve got tons of family-friendly activities, food trucks, great prize giveaways, just-try-it group exercise classes, club tours, chair massages, balloon artists, face painting, jump houses,  and snow play area (with REAL snow!) 
Solar Co-Op  - Attend to learn about solar energy and how Solar United Neigbors of Texas will help you through the process. Informational meetings are on February 6th at Cinco Ranch Library starting at 6:30 PM and February 10th at George Memorial Library starting at 6:30 PM.
Art in the Park - Art in the Park theme- My Crafty Valentine- enjoy Music and face painting. Kids will have an opportunity to make an artistic Valentine under the direction of professional artist, Vanessa Rojas Mulloy. Please NO Alcohol, Glass, Balls, or Pets. Thank you. February 1st; 2 PM until 4 PM at Central Green, LaCenterra.
Puppy Bowl Pre-Superbowl Pawty - No Label Brewery on February 1st. Bring your furbabies out in their favorite team Jersey, have some fun and good beer. Hollywood Feed will have goodies for your furbabies too. There's a play area for the non-furry kiddos, so a great way to kick off the pre-superbowl festivities for the whole family.
Building Strong Financial Foundation Proper Protection to "Build a Financial House that will last!"
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Have you thought about hosting an exchange student in your home? Have you thought about sending your child to another country as an exchange student?
Did you know that youth exchange programs are one of the most successful educational experiments of the last seventy years. Since the end of the Second World War, these programs have enabled thousands of young people from around the world along with their U.S. host families to share their customs, traditions, and language, fostering appreciation and understanding of one another’s culture and values.Founded in 1990, PAX is a not-for-profit organization committed to facilitating cross-cultural learning and thereby expanding international understanding.
PAX School Year USA enables teenagers from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa to live with volunteer American host families for a semester or school year while attending the local high school. PAX Abroad offers American students the opportunity to live and study in Brazil, China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and Spain.
To learn more visit PAX.org.
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At the annual Community Association Institute (CAI) - Houston's Gala event on January 10, 2020, CRSWCC was honored with their Community Spirit Award for their event Family Fest. The CRSWCC was one of five communities nominated for this award this year. Family Fest is an annual event held in December that focuses on several major holidays from October until January. This event was created by Lindsay Scholfield, former CRSWCC Community Coordinator, so that all residents could come together for a day of fun while learning about other religious holidays. Congratulations to CRSWCC on winning the Community Spirit Award. Accepting the award and pictured below are Shannon Farnsworth, CRSWCC Community Coordinator, Kimberly Cowart, Community Manager, and Lindsay Scholfield, Artavia Lifestyle Manager.   
Some other highlights from the event include C.I.A. Services, Inc. winning Management Company of the Year Award; Cinco Ranch Residential Association II being nominated for Community of the Year; and Chester Pleasant, CRRA2 Board President, being nominated for Volunteer of the Year.
Congratulations to all the nominees and especially to CRSWCC and C.I.A. Services, Inc. for winning their CAI Houston Gala awards.  
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8 things you can do instead of shopping this holiday
1. Launch your Pandora Radio and select the ‘Christmas’ station. Christmas music is soothing and very spirited.
2. Hand make Christmas cards for your friends and family from the materials you have around your home.
3. Go caroling around your neighborhood with a group of talented (or not so talented) friends.
4. Dust off your old Christmas movies and pop one in your DVD player. If you don’t have a DVD player, watch a Christmas movie on Netflix.
5. Volunteer at a local charity or visit a nursing home to talk with residents.
6. Take on the challenge of making your own Christmas tree ornaments with unique and unexpected items around your house.
7. Elf another person's home by leaving treats or small gifts. This is especially nice if the person is older and alone.
8. Cruise your neighborhood or a well-known neighborhood to check out the Christmas lights
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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full force. Colorful lights and Christmas trees greet you everywhere as you try to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Speaking of searching… you also might want to know what’s going in your neck of the woods when it comes to your home. Have no fear, my friends – click here for this month’s update on what’s happening in the real estate market in Katy, Texas. 
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Houston’s fabled heat has left, so it’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy outdoor activities with your family – without worrying about sweating through your clothes! Now that the holidays are in full swing and the kids are at home, you and your family can enjoy a full slate of fun activities in Katy. 
Click here to read about some of them
This is a blog writing curtsey of Onyi Silmon. Disclaimer: The businesses and vendors listed above are in no way affiliated, authorized, or endorsed by, CRRA2, CRSWCC, or any of their affiliates.
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There is always a limited selection of color in home decor, depending upon what is trending and what store buyers believe will sell in any particular season. While paint chips or other color palettes provide inspiration, so does finding an interesting piece of art or an area rug. It is fine to start the whole process with a decor piece in mind, as opposed to using paint swatches or Pinterest.
To learn more about how Lauren finds inspiration click here for her blog and video from Great Day Houston. Bonus there is a special coupon for Cinco Ranch residents on her blog!
This is a blog writing curtsey of Lauren Battistini. Disclaimer: The businesses and vendors listed above are in no way affiliated, authorized, or endorsed by, CRRA2, CRSWCC, or any of their affiliates.
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Contact Shanna White - Program Manager at 281-599-3334 to schedule your next day/time to volunteer.