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Here are six new businesses that opened in the Katy area in May, June and July.

Apara Autism Center opened at 2051 Greenhouse Road, Ste. 160, Houston, on May 18. The health care business has a location in Sugar Land and provides applied behavior analysis through one-on-one therapy for children on the autism spectrum. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the clinic is offering telehealth services, in-home services and part-time sessions for patients. 844-272-7223. www.aparaautism.com

Houston Axe Throwing held grand opening activities for its newest location at 1718 Fry Road, Ste. 110, Houston, in mid-June, owner Sarah Sed said. However, the location temporarily closed in July due to slow business with plans to reopen in August. At Houston Axe Throwing, guests throw axes that weigh about 1.5 pounds at a 12-foot distance. Trainers also provide safety tips and instructions on how to throw. The first location is in Bellaire at 6734 Lakewood Drive, Ste. B, Houston. Houston Axe Throwing also hosts an Axe Throwing League. 832-930-2937. www.houstonaxe.com

Newton Nurseries is now open at 322 Buc-ee’s Blvd., Katy, according to a June 9 press release. The 153,000-square-foot, wholesale nursery offers trees, shrubs, flowers, bedding plants and other landscaping items. The gated location also includes a 7,000-square-foot greenhouse and 20,000-square-foot shade area. 832-772-5212. www.newtonnurseries.com.
Pablo’s Restaurant and Club opened May 1 at 25757 Westheimer Parkway, Ste. 130, Katy. The menu includes international dishes, such as Korean fried beef, ceviche, burgers, tacos, flatbread pizza, lamb kebab, salmon and curry. It also offers a drink menu of wine, beer and mixed drinks. 281-215-3400. www.clubpablo.com

A new location of Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy opened in early July at 23116 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Katy. The health care business offers cryotherapy, IV drip and other therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and compression therapy. Two other locations of Restore are within the Greater Houston area: one in Sugar Land and one in the River Oaks area. 832-390-0755. www.restore.com

Rapid Express Car Wash-Fulshear opened in late May at 5746 FM 1463, Katy. The business provides car washes as well as free vacuums to customers. There is one other location of Rapid Express in the Greater Houston area at 10470 Huffmeister Road, Houston. 346-707-8296. www.rapidexpresscarwash.com
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Clothing, footwear, school supplies and other items will be sold sales tax-free during the three-day holiday, as outlined by Texas state law, according to a July 23 news release. The Texas Legislature is responsible for setting the date of the annual holiday as well as denoting which items will receive sales tax exemptions. This year’s sales tax holiday begins Friday, Aug. 7, and goes through midnight Sunday, Aug. 9.
Given the current pandemic, the Texas comptroller of public accounts has outlined measures shoppers can take while adhering to social distancing. Sales tax-exempt purchases can be made online, over the phone, by mail or via custom order during the following circumstances:
  • the item is paid for and delivered to the customer during the three-day time frame;
  • the customer orders and pays for the item, and the item is received and accepted by the seller during the three-day time frame; and
  • for immediate shipment, even when the item is delivered following the three-day time frame.
The Comptroller’s office urges all taxpayers buying certain qualifying items at their local retailers to practice appropriate social distancing as described in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines during the sales tax holiday.
For a list of qualifying items, click here.
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If you need to be out and about during physical distancing, please mind your sidewalk manners.
But in the age of coronavirus, there are additional rules; and so with that in mind, here are my very own Miss Manners tips for how not to hog the pavement.
  • If a sidewalk is say 10 feet wide or wider, then chances are there may be room for two people side-by-side to walk and allow someone to maintain six feet of distance while passing. But if the sidewalk is narrow or if the sidewalk is busy at all, people need to walk single file.
  • Since here in the United States we drive on the right side, walking on the right side feels natural. If everyone can agree to walk on the right side, we can avoid the bob-and-weave dance of sidewalk navigation, and avoid bumping into each other.
  • Unless you are walking on a super wide sidewalk, stay near the edge to ensure that there can be a six-foot space between yourself and a passer.
  • If you are using a scooter, hoverboard, skateboard, or bike, stay in the bike lane or street. Sidewalks can't afford the chaos right now.
  • Think of the sidewalk as a two-lane, two-way road. Don't pass someone in front of you if there is someone approaching from the opposite direction – wait for them to pass before you get in their lane.
  • Many a city citizen can eat lunch while taking a phone call while out on their daily run. But while everyone is trying to keep six feet of distance in order, it's helpful to be focused on the sidewalk, not one's phone or other distractions.
  • If you need to stop walking and attend to something, step out of the way of traffic, much like you would were you in a car.
  • If you are on the same path with an elderly person or someone who is less agile than you are, be the person who moves out of the way so that they can maintain their stride.
  • Coronavirus or not, people need to walk their dogs. But when doing so, be mindful of the leash; if the leash is stretched across the sidewalk, it can make passing hard and may be a potential tripping hazard.
  • We are all about free-range parenting here on TreeHugger ... but on the sidewalk in the midst of physical distancing during a pandemic is not the time to let them run free. Keep the kids close, especially on narrow sidewalks shared with other other pedestrians.
  • Walk single file on narrow or busy sidewalks
  • Walk on the right side
  • Walk on the edge of narrow sidewalks
  • Do not bike or scooter on sidewalks
  • Do not pass when someone is approaching from the opposite direction
  • Don't multitask
  • No sudden stops; no stopping in the middle
  • Consider the less agile people
  • Shorten the leash when necessary
  • Herd the kids
  • And if you are running...remember that just because you may be passing a pedestrian quickly, you still need to stay six feet away from said pedestrian, even if that means you have to run in big zig-zaggy arcs.
For the entire March 31, 2020 article by Melissa Breyer visit Sidewalk Etiquitte.
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The Little Teahouse opened in early June at 4031 FM 1463, Ste. 60, Katy, owner Jailene Salgado said. Its menu includes a variety of cream, fruit, classic and yogurt tea flavors, such as green, passion fruit, honeydew, rose, lychee, black and matcha. Coffee and smoothies are also offered, and The Little Teahouse has a food menu with grilled dumplings, crab puffs, spring rolls and chicken dishes. 832-437-9958.www.littleteahousekaty.com
Taste Buds Cereal Bar, located at 1801 N. Mason Road, Katy, held a soft opening June 19. Guests can order cereal bowls with milk topped with snacks, such as bananas, marshmallows or chocolate. Nondairy milk is also available. Additionally, the cereal bar offers cereal-infused ice cream shakes such as Fruity Frenzy and Cinnamon Craze. 346-387-6235. www.tastebudscerealbar.com
Thaicoon Restaurant & Pub began soft opening activities July 11 at 1223 Grand West Blvd., Ste. B101, Katy. The new restaurant has dishes such as pad thai, steamed mussels and tom yum shrimp as well as curry. It also has crafted dessert and cocktail menus. 281-206-7680. www.facebook.com/thaicoon-restaurant-pub-101993281382438
Houston Restaurant Weeks returns with new takeout, delivery options in 2020
Hundreds of Greater Houston-area restaurants are preparing for the return of Houston Restaurant Weeks, kicking off Aug. 1 and running through Labor Day on Sept. 7.

Launched in 2003, the annual food event allows Greater Houston-area residents to support the Houston Food Bank by dining from special multicourse prix-fixe menus at local eateries. A list of participating restaurants will be posted on the event's website July 17 and be updated with new additions through Aug. 1.

This year, $1 per meal purchased will be donated to the Houston Food Bank, which generates three meals for individuals and families in need. Dinner menus at participating restaurants offer $35-$45 options, and brunch and lunch are available for $20.

Patrons in the past have been encouraged to visit local restaurants in person, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants can now offer takeout and delivery options in addition to dine-in.
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Grass Treatment
Late in the month of June and early July the Association has contracted with the landscaping company to do a special treatment on the grass in Cinco Ranch II areas. What you can expect to occur during this treatment is a broadcast of herbicide in the turf in order to eradicate grassy weeds.  The grassy weeds effected will turn brown over the course of a few weeks as they are treated.   The turf will green back up in these areas following the grassy weed die off.  Since this is Summer, this process can take a little bit of time depending on weather conditions such as additional rain or excessive heat (which could speed up or slow down the regrowth process).  The end result should be a greatly reduced grassy weed presence in the overall turf of the community. 
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Remember when we would pack up as a family and go watch fireworks displays all over the city? We could pick from several venues. The reason we packed up to go watch fireworks is simple – it was something for the professionals and the trained. Now, you can find the same fireworks they were shooting off at local roadside tents. We were only allowed the sparklers. We have all heard stories of someone shooting off a bottle rocket and hitting a neighbor’s roof. The entire house could burn to the ground and the person (or parents of that person) is held responsible.
If we stop and think about it, there’s some real logic in letting the professionals handle fireworks. They do contain dynamite. They do not always go in the direction that you would like them to go. Even the experts always have fire trucks waiting on the sidelines. The other thing you may have noticed over the years is they never hold the fireworks. There’s always some kind of stand with a long fuse attached. The person lighting the fuse is always several yards away from the stands holding the fireworks.
It’s not as if those of us living in Cinco Ranch would discharge fireworks, we all know better. Maybe the experts have it right. We go to them, they give us a great show, we don’t get in any trouble, we don’t hurt anyone or ourselves, and we have a wonderful time. What a great way to spend a holiday! The whole point in holidays is supposed to be time with the family and celebration.
If you suspect someone of being unsafe with their fireworks please call the non-emergency sheriff's number at 281-341-4665.
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Bike safety is a big topic right now. Did you know bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers?  As a bicyclist, you should obey all traffic laws, including the following:
Stop at red lights and stop signs
Pay attention to lane markers
Ride near the curb, traveling in the same direction as traffic
Use a light on the front and a red reflector or red light on the back of your bike while riding at night
Tips for Drivers
Be on the lookout for cyclists on the highway, especially at intersections.
If you're passing a bicyclist, move to another lane if possible and give them plenty of room.
Watch for riders who may need to maneuver around potholes and debris.
Tips for Bicyclists
Wear a properly fitted helmet to reduce the chances of head injury and death. (Some cities and counties require cyclists to wear helmets. Contact local law enforcement for more information.)
Always check brakes and tires before riding.
Make it easier for drivers to see you by wearing light colors or reflective clothing.
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Disclaimer: The businesses and vendors listed above are in no way affiliated, authorized, or endorsed by, CRRA2, CRSWCC, or any of their affiliates.
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Want to help us treat first responders to an ice cream? Moooseum has been asked to sell treats to the staff at a COVID-19 testing location on May 29. We'd love to be able to GIVE treats to the first responders. So, we're reaching out to our amazing customers to help us Give Back. Moooseum will match every dollar donated to provide treats to as many first responders as we can. Send any donation amount by Venmo to @Danielle-Forget (0063) or Apple Pay text to 713-515-0063 with the note "First Responder Donation." We're diligent with personal and food safety protocols, so no need to worry. 
Remember to encourage your student to Finish Strong. In June we're giving a free ice cream cone to anyone who brings their report card with straight A's. 
Follow us on Instagram (@Moooseum) for pop-up specials and updates. Remember to say "Follow the Moose" when you order. 
Disclaimer: The businesses and vendors listed above are in no way affiliated, authorized, or endorsed by, CRRA2, CRSWCC, or any of their affiliates.