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Fireworks in Cinco Ranch II
Posted on June 30, 2020 5:00 PM by Admin
Remember when we would pack up as a family and go watch fireworks displays all over the city? We could pick from several venues. The reason we packed up to go watch fireworks is simple – it was something for the professionals and the trained. Now, you can find the same fireworks they were shooting off at local roadside tents. We were only allowed the sparklers. We have all heard stories of someone shooting off a bottle rocket and hitting a neighbor’s roof. The entire house could burn to the ground and the person (or parents of that person) is held responsible.
If we stop and think about it, there’s some real logic in letting the professionals handle fireworks. They do contain dynamite. They do not always go in the direction that you would like them to go. Even the experts always have fire trucks waiting on the sidelines. The other thing you may have noticed over the years is they never hold the fireworks. There’s always some kind of stand with a long fuse attached. The person lighting the fuse is always several yards away from the stands holding the fireworks.
It’s not as if those of us living in Cinco Ranch would discharge fireworks, we all know better. Maybe the experts have it right. We go to them, they give us a great show, we don’t get in any trouble, we don’t hurt anyone or ourselves, and we have a wonderful time. What a great way to spend a holiday! The whole point in holidays is supposed to be time with the family and celebration.
If you suspect someone of being unsafe with their fireworks please call the non-emergency sheriff's number at 281-341-4665.