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No Solicitation and 'Free newspaper'
Posted on March 12, 2021 9:00 AM by Admin
Many associations, whether gated or not, post “No Solicitation” signs at the entrance(s) or throughout the community and Cinco Ranch II is no exception.
Typically, solicitation is considered door-to-door selling, which is different from someone leaving advertising material on the door. Hand delivery of advertisements is cheaper than mailing, but it is still a common form of junk mail. Basically, anyone who wants to sell something can use this tactic. There’s not really much the homeowner or HOA can do, except to post signage and call to report frequent or repeat offenders.
If you do not want the free newspaper the Houston Chronicle delivers to the area, then you will need to contact HCN, Delivery Service deliveryservice@hcnonline.com or call
888-670-1483 to be removed from their distribution list.