Cinco Ranch II has recreation centers, parks, trails and natural areas. There are four recreation centers which include a clubhouse/meeting space, swimming pools, tennis courts and play equipment. In addition, smaller parks and playgrounds are spread throughout the community, all connected by sidewalks.
Residents can access all facilities with a community card key provided by the Association. To receive card keys, residents must complete a registration form, available on this website. One card is provided to each new owner or property renter for free. Additional or replacement cards are $25 each. A family may have up to four activated cards at any time.
PLEASE NOTE: Each card key allows up to 4 people entrance at the amenities (pools, tennis courts, splash pad), in Cinco Ranch II.  If more than 4 people are attending, additional card keys will be needed.
If you did not already upgrade your card key in 2017, please visit this page for more information.  Your "old" card keys (issued prior to 2017) will no longer work.  
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