• I tried to login, but it won't let me. What do I do?   (New)
    At the beginning of April, we upgraded our website.  We were unable to carry over everyone's registration.  Due to this, ALL residents will need to re-register for the website, as if they were "new."  Registrations are being processed on a first come, first serve basis, during business hours.  All registrations that come in after hours and over the weekend are processed during the following business day.  Please be patient as we process registrations for the new website. 
  • Do I live in Cinco I or Cinco II? Where is the demarcation line?
    The demarcation line is Katy-Gaston Rd. Anything West of Katy-Gaston is considered Cinco II; anything East is Cinco Ranch I. If you are still not sure which side of Cinco you live on, please give us a call at 281-394-7195 and we can help you.
  • Which community website should I register with?
    Since Cinco Ranch has two different HOAs it needs two community websites to address the differences between the associations (documents, bylaws, restrictions, etc).

    For Cinco Ranch II Residents: You will register for the website you are currently on.

    For Cinco Ranch I Residents: You will register on CincoRanchLife.org
  • Who do I need to contact for.....?
    Visit the Community Links and Numbers page for more information, or the Contact Us page. 
  • Do I need a resale certificate?
    YES!  Resale certificates are required.  To request a certificate, visit condocerts.com. Resale certificates can only be requested through the listed site.
    Why do you need a resale certificate?
    The governing documents for the Cinco Ranch Residential Association II require a Resale Certificate.  A Resale Certificate provides information related to the homeowners association such as financial and insurance information, as well as copies of the community documents.  It also provides information specific to the property being sold including any open violations of the governing documents and account balances.  In preparing a Resale Certificate, the management company also performs a Compliance Inspection of the full exterior of the property and will generate either a Certificate of Compliance or Non-Compliance.  As a seller, having the documents on hand in advance allows you to show any potential buyers that there are no known issues with the property or the community association.  As a buyer, obtaining these documents in advance provides confirmation that the property you are purchasing has no existing issues that will become your responsibility.
  • I'm new to Cinco Ranch II. What do I need to do next?
    Welcome to the community!
    Once you're all settled in, you will need to obtain a Community card key. Card keys will grant you access to all community amenities. You can do this by visiting the Lake House, or mailing us a form
    Cinco Ranch Lake House
    25202 Springwood Lake Dr.
    Katy, TX 77494
    The Lake House is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9 AM - 6 PM (closed from 1-2 PM).  
    If you live in a gated community, you can also request gated access through use of your ezTag.  This can also be done at the Lake House, or by sending in a form
  • Is there a meeting or orientation for new residents?
    Yes, we have a New Resident Welcome Meeting that is held at the Lake House, open to new residents of Cinco Ranch II. Visit the New Resident Welcome Page for meeting dates and more information.

    We hope you can join us to learn more information about your new community.  If you plan on attending, please send an RSVP to the Community Coordinator.
  • What are level 2 and 3 users?   (New)
    If your spouse or child (or another member of your household) is a registered member of mycincoranch.com, you can "associate" them with your user account, under the "level 2 and 3" feature. 
  • I just spotted an alligator near the lake. What do I do?!   (New)
    Keep 30 feet away from alligators at all times. If you get too close, back away slowly. Do not assume that alligators are slow and sluggish. They are extremely quick and agile and will defend themselves when cornered.  They rarely chase people, but they can outrun or out swim the fastest person for the first 30 feet.
    Alligators often bask along the banks of ponds or streams. They are usually warming their bodies; they are not actively hunting. Often a basking alligator will have its mouth open. It is cooling itself, as alligators do not pant or sweat.
    For more information, visit:

  • I heard that we can only use certain amenities within Cinco Ranch. Is this true?
    No, any Cinco Ranch resident can use any amenity within the Cinco Ranch community, according to the Shared Use Agreement. This means you can use any pool, tennis court, or park, within Cinco Ranch, no matter which side of the demarcation line you live on.
  • How do I find out information for renting the Lake House for a private party?
    For more information about the Lake House, please visit this page.  You can also contact the Community Assistant at 281-394-7195 ext. 1 or by email for questions and availability.
  • How can I reserve a tennis court?
    Visit the Tennis page for more information. 
  • Where are the parks? Do I need a reservation to use the parks?
    Visit the Parks page for more information. 
  • I often walk around the lakes in Cinco SW. What is the distance around each lake?
    The distance around the lakes are:
    Spring Lake: 1.84 miles
    Ericson Lake: 0.75 miles
    Maps for the trails within in Cinco Ranch II can be found here.

Card Keys
  • When can I exchange my old Card Key?
    At the end of April, Cinco Ranch II will be upgrading our electronic access systems.  The old card keys will no longer work once we complete this upgrade.  You will need to exchange your old card key for a new one.  More information can be found at this page
    Cinco Ranch I residents will need to visit their association office if they are in need of new card keys, or are having issues with their current card keys.
  • What is my community Card Key for? Where will I use it?
    Your community card key will grant you entrance into the Cinco Ranch facilities, including the pools, tennis courts, and any Cinco Ranch parks and/or bathrooms requiring a card key.
  • Where do I obtain a Card Key?
    Cinco Ranch II residents will need to visit the Lake House to obtain their card key. 
    Cinco Ranch I residents will need to visit their association office
  • What do I need to provide to get my Card Key?
    Please provide something with your name, and your Cinco Ranch II address on it. If you have not changed your Driver's License yet, you can use an electrical bill, water bill, etc. If you just recently closed on your home (within the last month), please bring a copy of your settlement (HUD) statement.  If you are renting your home, please bring a copy of your lease. 
  • How much are Card Keys?
    Each Cinco Ranch II household will receive one free card key. Each additional or replacement card key is $25, and there is a maximum of 4 card keys per household.
    Please note: The Lake House only accepts checks (made out to CRRA2), money orders, or credit/debit cards, if purchasing additional or replacement card keys. 
  • How do I use my Card Key? What if it isn't working?
    NEW card keys:
    To use your card key, place the card on or near (within 2-3 inches, at least) the black plate (card reader).  The new card key readers are "proximity readers," and will work when your card key is "near" the reader. If your card key is not working, you may need to hold your card key closer to the reader plate (directly on the reader), or try moving it around on the reader. 

    If your card key is still not working, please contact the Lake House at 281-394-7195 ext. 1, or stop by during our office hours of Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9 AM - 6 PM (closed 1-2 PM for lunch).
    Card keys are magnetized, so the card can easily become demagnetized if left near other magnets and some batteries. This means your cell phone battery, any magnets on your purse closure, wallet closures, key chains, etc. could ruin your key card. Also, if your vehicle has a remote start and you keep your key card on your key chain next to the remote, then your key card could be demagnetized. This can happen instantaneously (no matter how old the key is) when you place your key near any of these magnets.

    When you receive your card key from the Lake House it is brand new and will be functioning properly.
    Once you leave the Lake House with your card key, it becomes your responsibility. This means that if it is not working, please come back to the Lake House so we can assess the problem. If you end up needing a new card key, you will have to pay the $25 replacement fee, no matter how long you have had your initial card key.

  • Is Cinco Ranch II and Cinco SW the same thing? What about Cinco NW?
    Cinco Ranch II is comprised of Cinco Southwest (SW) and Cinco Northwest (NW).
  • How often do the community landscapers tend to the common areas?
    The HOA manages the common areas of your neighborhood, and has contracted 2 landscaping companies to ensure that common property is maintained.  If you have questions/concerns about landscaping, please send an email to customercare@ciaservices.com
  • Can we have a garage sale in this community?
    You are allowed one private garage sale per calendar year in Cinco II. No signs are allowed for advertising the garage sale.

    We also hold 2 community garage sales during the year. Please see the community calendar on this website for dates and the Garage Sale page, or contact the Community Coordinator.

Community Utilities
  • When are trash pick-up days?
    Cinco SW Pick up days- Tuesdays (trash and recycle) and Fridays (trash and heavy pickup)

    Cinco NW Pick Up Days- Mondays (trash and recycle) and Thursdays (trash and heavy pickup)
    Trash is managed by:
    Best Trash
    281-313-(BEST) or 281-313-2378

    The trash services observe six holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. In the event that your collection falls on a holiday, collection will be postponed until the next scheduled collection day (NOT the next business day).
  • How do I get water services at my home?
    Water service in the Cinco Ranch Southwest area is managed by Severn Trent. To establish service, or address billing questions, contact Severn Trent at 281-579-4500. For maintenance issues call 281-398-8211.

    Water service in the Cinco Ranch Northwest area is managed by Municipal District Services. To establish service, or address billing questions, contact Municipal District Services at 281-290-6507. For maintenance issues call 281-290-6503.

Home Improvements
  • I need to make some home improvements. What do I need to do to before I start work?
    Visit the Home Improvements page for more information about policies and procedures regarding Home Improvements.
    DO NOT start work until your home improvement application has been approved!
  • I recently received a deed restriction violation letter in the mail from the Home Owner's Association; what should I do?
    Please contact the Home Owner's Association at 713-981-9000 to let them know when you will be correcting the issue. If the issue has already been corrected, please notify them of the change.

    DO: Call the Association and let them know you are aware of the problem. It may be a simple fix, or something you can send in a Home Improvement Application for.

    DON'T: Ignore the situation, as this will lead to more letters and possible fines or other administrative actions.